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  • Company officer promotions

    We are currently in the process of re-evaluating our promotional process for company officers. Please, everyone share their rank structure from FF to Batt Chief and the qualifications needed to attain each rank (Years of Service, training, etc..).

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    Houston FD (TX)

    FF, Engineer/Operator, Captain, Senior Captain, District Chief

    You must serve 2 years in each rank before being eligible to test for the next. Each test consists of 100 multiple chioce questions. The eligibility list created after each test is good for two years.


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      Junior FF - Any Member Between 15 & 18

      "Yellow Dot" FF - An Unrelased FF, Not Allowed to Enter a Burning Structure

      Firefighter - A Released FF, Can Perform All Fireground operations.

      DPO - Drives, Pumps. Must be a Released FF.

      Tower DPO - Drives and Pumps Arieal Apparatus

      Captain - No Pre-Reqs, but Must Possess Leadership Skills, Be a Tower DPO, EMT-B, and Have Experience in the Department

      Batt. Chief - No Pre-Reqs, but Must Possess All of the Captain Skills, Plus Have Been a Captain in the Department.

      There is a lot of talk about a "Senior Firefighter" position in the department. This would be a firefighter with a great deal of experience in the department. Someone who can ride up front and take command of a fireground scene. As of now, without an officer on scene, the DPO is in command.


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        FF- Must have EMT, and Firefighter 1 certification, High School Dip. or GED, and valid operators license for hire.

        Apparatus Operator,- must Add Firefighter 2, and Apparatus Operator certification, as well as have 3 years on the dept. prior to testing

        Lieutentant-Must have FF1 and FF2, Apparatus Operator, Fire Service Instructor 1, and Fire Officer 1 certification, as well as minimum 19 credit hours towards a Fire Service applicable degree program with no less than 6 years of service

        Captain, FF1,FF2,App.Op, Instructor1, Fire OFficer1, Must have 45 credit hours towards fire service applicable degree, and after Jan 1 2005 ***. Degree required prior to testing. 2 years in service as a Lieutentant

        Batt. Chief-FF1,FF2,App Op, Instructor 1 and 2, Fire Officer 1 and 2, Bachelors Degree in Fire service applicable degree with minimum of 3 years as Captain as well as 2 years Captain/Acting Battalion Chief.

        Chief- All of the above as well as 5 years command staff adn management experience, Masters degree with fifteen years of experience in local fire and rescue, as well as completed the executive fire Officer certification from National Fire Academy.


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          Here is our rank structure and qualifications. Marlborough is a Civil Service community and the time frames for promotional exams are from the Human Resources Division rules.

          Firefighter: must pass the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fire Department entrance exam administered by the Human Resources Division (HRD), Comprehensive Physical Agility Test (CPAT), a complete physical and psychological exams. All applicants for the rank of Firefighter must have a valid Massachusets driver's license. Minimum age for eligibility: 18. Maximum age: none. Once appointed, a probationary firefighter's recruit basic training program is done either at the Massachusetts Fire Academy or an equivalent Fire Department Academy run by either a Fire Department, fire district or County

          Lieutenant: a minimum of 3 years experience in the rank of Firefighter, the test is administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts HRD.

          Captain: a minimum 1 year of experience as a Lieutenant, exam given by the HRD.

          Deputy Chief: a minimum of 1 year of experience in the rank of Captain, exam given by HRD.

          Civil Service promotional exams are given once a year, positions are filled upon vacancy due to retirements, promotions or termination.

          Chief: The rank of Chief of Department is a political appointment, the usual length of the appointment is for 5 years. Appointments are reviewed prior to renewal.

          Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
          Captain Gonzo

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