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If you were a judge at a parade...???????

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  • If you were a judge at a parade...???????

    Ok heres my question....say you are a judge at a quite rather large parade...MANY MANY fire companies out there putting on there best show...quite a few towns marching...the decision is tough...everything is perfect on all the colorguards except this one company....the american flag is in the wrong spot...ok..now thats pretty much the only thing wrong...but there are other towns out there that look good and have the flag in the correct spot...now would you let that colorguard who has there flag in the wrong spot throughout the whole parade route win a trophy when there is quite a few other colorguards that deserved it? let me know what you think

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS
    "EMTS DON'T DIE THEY JUST STABILIZE" http://engine058.boltpages.com/south...texplorerpost6

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    Now Andrew, I tried for years to get Best Parade Horse, but all I got was Best Dressed. I guess I'll just have to show up in ratty jeans and a "Big Dog" T-shirt. Seriously, you can't appeal the Judge's decision, but you can always improve your form.



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      Am I missing something here? This should be quite simple. The answer is NO. If you have the American Flag out of place then you should lose points dropping you below all those who had it correct so you would not be able to win.

      In my opinion, next to marching in step with each other, flag positioning is pretty damn important in the qualities of a color guard.

      It sounds to me like you guys were on the losing end of a situation like this. I'm not calling you a sore loser, just making an observation!


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        oh no..we didnt lose...we won 1st place for colorguard..it was just the 2nd place winners that won which shouldnt have and that got me a little annoyed along with a few others

        South Amboy, New Jersey
        Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS


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          When referring to the fire service, the word "Judge" is a foul word..a curse. There are 3 groups of parade judges around here, and in my opinion, all 3 groups have their favorites. For example, one group of judges always awards the top trophies at a particular muster to a particular company (who has trucks cleaner than an operating room, but couldnt put out a fire in a paper bag) and then after the muster (and before, for that matter) are seen drinking in that companys' bar!! Interesting, huh?? And then there's another group of judges, made up of ex and currenty chiefs' from various departments.....Where do you think their trophies go????? Bet you can't guess!!
          My company is a middle of the road outfit. We cant get people like some of these other places. There is one company around here where you aren't allowed to leave after a run until the truck has been washed and wiped, and this INCLUDES the frame & undersides!!! I dont know about you, but I like to get back to work! My company doesnt have the cleanest trucks in the world...But I bet we have more tools and equipment in some of our compartments than a lot of companies have on one truck!! And we have the trained, expierienced firefighters to go with the tools!!! After all, it's firefighters and equipment that puts fire out, right? Am I missing something? Since when does wax, polish, and parade tools put out fire??? Anyway, the judges will do what they want. We dont even enter competition anymore. We just go to have fun.

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