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Where's all the FIRE ACT applications?

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  • Where's all the FIRE ACT applications?

    In regard to the Firehouse.com story "Low number of Fire Grant Applications a Concern", it amazes me that after all the bickering, disagreements, and disapproval of President Bush's decision to initially cut the grant program, only 250 applications have been submitted so far. If departments are dependent on the federal government supplementing their budget, why haven't they made the application a priority? Is the need not as great as everyone suspected? 250 applications from approximately 30,000 eligible fire departments in two weeks! Leave it to the feds to create a program which is "sorely needed by all" only to be added to the pork barrel. Or are fire departments the epitome of procrastination? I guess we'll know for sure after May 2nd when the deadline arrives.

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    Three possibilities come to mind:

    a) Just like with China, Bush was right.

    b) We've got our heads on straight and know that we don't want federal hands in a local issue.

    c) Probably waiting until the last minute.

    I tell you what though, I'd like to see the names of the 250 departments.


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      Right on, mongo. I'd like to see the names too. Gee, I wonder if "Chief Reason"'s department is among the 250.

      We tried to tell 'em, didn't we?

      J. Black

      The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.


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        I think it's great that only 250 applications have been sent in! It just increases our chances of receiving a grant!!


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          Once again Mongo, Bucks I have to agree....


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            i have to say i am very surprised and happy that my chief actually filled and sent all the applications in, when he said he would at our first officer meeting of the year i thought i was more empty promises but he actually did


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              It is quite amazing that there were something like 400 posts ripping Bush for cutting the Fire Act funds yet there are so few applications.

              Mongo - while I agree with you for the most part, regardless of whether we thing each local FD should be helped by the federal govt. or not, the money is there I can't see why people wouldn't want to take it while they can. It's only a matter of time until it is done away with and we will be on our own.

              Oh and TODDMCBR, I'm with you. Our application is one of the 250 so hey more chances we will actually see something out of this.

              Who knows? I'm sure by the end the last minute guys will turn it in as well since it's not like we don't have anything else to do other than wade through government paperwork.

              Good luck to those who applied!


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                Originally posted by FFTrainer:
                It is quite amazing that there were something like 400 posts ripping Bush for cutting the Fire Act funds yet there are so few applications.
                Simple, 200 people posting times two posts each equals 400. That's my guess. Plus 50 people who don't play on the forum.



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                  the money is there

                  Yeah, I know $500 more was confiscated from me by the feds Monday. Ah the punishments of success. Aye RJE?

                  Here's an interesting link for you...


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                    We sent ours in on April 6th. Hopefully it's one of the 250 they have.

                    ***Stay safe out there***
                    ***These opinion(s) are my own, and not that of the department in which I serve***


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                      Part of the problem is not being able to use it for what you want,Manpower.
                      My chief tried to apply and was told by silly council not to even apply. Even though he was going to take the 10% out of his O+E account and wouldnt cost them 1 cent more. There reasoning was that because he wanted to buy an ambulance they didnt like it because they didnt want to get into a turf war or upset the police dept or the volunteer ambulance squad.Part of the money was also for health exams and physical fittness programs.they didnt care, "no" period.By coincidence while talking at the table about this we had an EMS call that started to go south,we waited 25 minutes for a bus. 3 calls for the squad for a second crew and three mutual aid request to three other towns, with no results the chief ordered another EMT to go and take the first aid squads second rig and respond to the incident. But are town still plays games.


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                        Let's see......FEMA takes over 3 months to get the program running after funding is approved, makes forms available approximately April 1, and then wonders why we can't get everything back to them in 2 weeks. Would they be the kettle or the pot??


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                          Ahhh! MongoFire and BucksEng, my two favorite posters! You too ChiefReason.
                          It's nice to see you guys never met a dead horse you didn't want to beat

                          I think SNOWMAN pretty much sums up why USFA/FEMA isn't getting a lot of applications, to wit, there's not a lot of time to put it together. If you didn't have a plan in place, you're pretty much screwed, it takes time to get with your vendors to finalize your project budget, you will get audited if you're approved for funding, so most of us don't want to "fudge" the numbers. I think there's going to be a big rush next week to submit the applications.

                          Bucks: Why doesn't your county just set up an outlying station in NJ instead of the all this mutual aid? sheesh!

                          JDM2267: This is not a supplement to your department's budget, depending on the item, you must show that you will continue to fund a category after the disbursement period at a level based on the average of your department's previous two years budget in the same category. It removes the temptation for a department to use this program as a handout. Like I said earlier, all sucessful applicants will be audited.

                          Mongo: You can count on my department as one that will have theirs in early next week. I don't think we'll be one of the lucky ones, but I hope to learn more about the whole process for next year...if there is a next year for this program. I am going to start holding prayer meetings in my station on Saturday and Sunday nights, so we can qualify as a faith-based program, since Junior finds that an appropriate role for federal government assistance (I took a look at his budget)
                          Praise the Lord and pass the pike pole! The Right Reverend Doctor Fire Chief Tillerdog welcomes you to share in our fellowship at the Structure Fire Cathedral! No need for the ALS rig, all my officers are certified to "lay hands on" to cure what ails you brothers and sisters! Just call our special prayer line, 911, and we'll come out for a vistin' for our sick and shut-ins!


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                            What else did you expect? This program was just created, the rules were just put out, and the deadline is a month from publication. Most of the people writing these things are like me...never did it before, need to see all the rules and documentation, need to work through the whole thing methodically, and need to do it while we're doing the 500 other things we do in a week.

                            News flash: under these circumstances, most of us aren't going to turn it around in a week or two, so they're just going to get their applications at the last minute.

                            Those of us out here in the real volunteer world, who don't do this full time, don't have administrative support staffs, and don't have experience writing these things aren't procrastinators and we don't give this a low priority. That's just insulting. Some of these people at USFA and FEMA who thought they were only getting 6,000 applications (they'll end up getting more) and thought they would all be shipped in two weeks (yea, right) need to get their heads out of their asses, take a serious look at the fire service outside of the big cities and affluent suburbs, and set realistic expectations.

                            If you want to take the position that this should be a local issue and it should be handled locally, fine. You're entitled to your opinion, and, I admit, that position has some merit. If you want to argue along that line, then OK, but don't you dare insult the rest of us that are out here plugging away at meeting a barely realistic deadline with very little probability of success, and doing it for free on our nights and weekends to boot. They'll get our application, and it will be before the 2nd of May...but that's about it.

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                              Just talked to our local Scott dealer about the quotes he's working up for me...he said he's done nothing for almost 3 weeks but quote SCBA replacements for grant applications...they're coming...let's hope that FedEx and UPS have enough trucks in the Emmitsburg area next week...


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