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Which Thermal Imaging Camera is the Best?

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  • Which Thermal Imaging Camera is the Best?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before, so I apologize for starting it again. Our department is looking to buy a new TIC and I'm interested in what others have to say about all of the different brands that are out there. All info is appreciated. Thanks.

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    There are a lot of brands and they all have positive points to them so dont get caught saying one is better than the other. We use an MSA argus 2(they just came out with a new one though). THe features that made us choose this camera is single button operation. Just hit the button and it is on and ready to go.....hit the button again and it is off--idiot proof(always need that). Another important test to do on the cameras u look at is radio interference-hold the portable radios you use up to the side of the camera and transmit to see if the screen scrambles-some do that. One other thing that made us choose the argus 2 is that it has rechargable batteries AND battery packs which can be filled with regular AA batteries so on an extended incident u can go to any convenience store when you rechargables run out. Also-make sure the batteries go in and out only one way(another idiot proof option)...


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      We use the Carnes Iris TIC. I was a little concerned over its weight at first, but after using it on calls there's nothing like it. Its the one mounted on the helment, We tried out the hand held job, but it was to much to handle hose, carring victims etc. So We purchased 4 and have been very pleased with their preformance.


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        We currently use the Scott EAgle imager. Much like every other thermal imager it has good points and bad points. No matter what camera you buy, here are some things to remember:

        1. When you buy it, spring for the VCR remote transmit. That way it can be broadcast to the IC outdoors, and recorded. Not so the IC can direct you as some departments do, but so they can have a referance point of where you may be if things go sour and someone has to come get you. Also these tapes can be turned into training tapes. It is hard to take the camera in to a house once and a while and expect to know what you are seeing....PRACTICE< PRACTICE< PRACTICE.

        2. Also buy a nice Pelican case for the camera, and all it's accsesories. Ours took a ride out of the Engine's Compartment once on the way to a call.At 45 MPH. And bounced off of a retaining wall. In the rain. Thanks to the case, not a scratch on the machine, no problems at all, just picked it up and went to work.

        3. Hold Bi-Monthly training sessions, at least. Again, unless you practice alot with the camera, you will never know what you are looking at when the real deal comes in.

        4. Take it off the truck as much as possible! Don't try to be a hero, "I have been searching buildings for years without that fancy crap, I don't need it!" That doesn't cut it whan lives are on the line..it is not a cure all, just an extension of God, helping the brothers!!!!

        Just my experiences, which will probably increase as time goes on!!!!


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