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Happy Easter from Flint, MI

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  • Happy Easter from Flint, MI

    On this most special day, the budget axe has fallen upon the Flint Fire Department. Our city has been struggling with ongoing financial problems for several years. Two weeks ago, we were notified that 18 fire officers would be demoted as part of budget cuts. Today those demotions take effect. This leaves our department unable to provide a station officer for each fire engine in the city. Responses to fires are delayed for those trucks lacking an officer. Public safety is compromised. Firefighter safety is compromised.
    Last year, the City announced that one of our stations would close and about 15 firefighters would be laid off. Union brothers passed out literature in the neighborhood affected by the closing to raise public support. Our Union agreed to allow the city to drop our engine company staffing from 4 to 3 people on a 'as needed' basis to save overtime costs. This resulted in keeping the station open and no firefighters being laid off.
    This year, the City announced that our brand new recruit class - 2 weeks into their fledgling careers - would be laid off. Then, a few days later, the recruits were told they would not be laid off. Instead, the heart of our leadership was cut from the department. 18 officers have been demoted, ranging in seniority from 26 years down to 9 years. They have bumped back to lower positions, affecting about 50 firefighters in total. As of today, there is no policy to dictate how our crews are to handle day-to-day operations without a company officer. Our engine companies without officers will not respond to fires or emergencies in their district until a truck with an officer arrives from a farther away station. However, our Mayor and politically-appointed Fire Chief are on the news stating that there is no danger to the public.
    Officers who were demoted are already being told that they will be expected to perform the tasks of a station officer when necessary, which clearly violates our Contract. Firefighters are being forced into the position of officer with no training or preparation. And to make matters worse, the City has announced further cuts in our officer ranks at the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1st. They plan to take us down to 1 Battalion Chief, 5 Captains, and 2 Lieutenants to run the operations that until today were handled by 3 Battalion Chiefs, 11 Captains, and 28 Lieutenants or Sergeants. We see the first cut that just took effect as the opening battle. If we lose this one, the cuts planned for July will effectively destroy the career path and hopes of hundreds of firefighters, not to mention further denigrate the safety of the public and our firefighters.
    Looking deeper, it is sad to realize that all this was preventable. Flint, like many cities across America, is a decaying industrial town. High-paying union jobs have been steadily disappearing for over 20 years. However, our Mayor ran up a $16.7 million dollar budget deficit (so far) in the face of a predictable and steady decline in the city's tax base. He was on the news to announce the budget cuts and put the blame squarely on the loss of factory jobs. He failed to mention, however, that he has been in office for over 8 years (and was a City Councilman before that) and was unable to come up with the necessary foresight to properly manage the city's finances. Last year, over 100 city employees were laid off. This year, the Fire Department was hit with demotions and about 20 other city employees were laid off. In addition, overtime for nearly all city departments has been severely restricted, further hampering services to the taxpayers.
    Our Department has been asked to do 'more with less' repeatedly over that past 25 years or so. We suffered a massive layoff in 1980. We have endured the closing of 3 stations since 1990. All the while, the calls keep coming in. In 1980, 10 stations and 300 firefighters handled about 9000 runs a year, including about 600 structure fires. In 2000, 7 stations and 180 firefighters handled 21000 calls, including about 1200 structure fires. We are at the point where we can no longer even meet our city's day-to-day needs. A plan submitted to the city by a financial consulting firm recommends that the fire department be trimmed to a mere 4 stations. In light of our call volume, that's just not realistic. Apparently, safety of the citizens is just not a priority anymore.
    The moral of this story is:
    Stand firm against these bean counters. Draw together with your Union brothers and present a united front. Have plans in place to react to these situations. Inform the public, and get them involved. It may be too late to save the Flint Fire Department. Perhaps it's not too late to save yours.

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    Stay Strong!!!!!! Fight Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

    United we stand Divided we fall!!!

    If your brothers in Detroit can help give us a call.


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      This action has hit close to home with me. I am a member of a surrounding city of flint. We have a couple of guys that were hired by city of flint in the past few years and have heard of this BS. Flint will be a ghost town here in a couple of years by my prodiction, and it all has to do with the corrupt mayor. I am currently looking for a full time ff position. People ask me if I am goiing to apply to Flint and my answer is NO! Right the citizens of Flint will be safe even with theses cuts, that is if they move out of the city.

      I can not believe people voted the mayor back in, even though I strongly believe that the voting was rigged. As for the Fire Chief how can you be looked at as being credible after you wear your fire helmet backwards at a major fire scene on the NEWS!!!!!! can we say IDIOT??????

      All I can say is keep fighting and me and all the rest of the area departments will be there for you when you call, even though it is against your contact(I believe).

      One more thing to add, your message was well written and took a lot of heart. I would like to see it published if it hasn't already.


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