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New Vehicle Ceremonies/Traditions?

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  • New Vehicle Ceremonies/Traditions?

    Hi all from Osan AB Fire Department, Republic of Korea!
    We recently received a new Pierce Heavy Rescue vehicle that, unfortunately, didn't make it too us ready to roll. She's got a problem with the on board computer but should be in service in about a month. That may give us enough time to plan something special to bring her into service with some style...

    Have any of you ever participated or attended any type of ceremony that officially brings a new piece into service?

    When I was a young troop I remember a "Push Back" ceremony that involved a few prominent members of the community, the department higher ups, and the crews to be assigned to the vehicle, pushing the vehicle back into the station and declaring the piece "In Service". Of course the Mayor and Fire Chief said a few words prior to the push back and afterward the public was given the chance to see what they had paid for. It was actually pretty cool.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction and help us put on an event that will get this truck rollin' with class?

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    Why not do a ceremony similar to the christening of a ship? You know, the bottle of champagne and all. Have your base CO and chief come down and say a few words. Invite some "press" (local & military) have hors d'oevres and maybe a few cocktails. Just a suggestion, something to work with. Good luck with it and congratulations on the new truck. Be safe.


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      Hello Osan!

      Greetings from Eskan Villiage Fire Dept, Eskan Villiage, Saudi Arabia.

      I think a ceremony of some sort would be a great idea. A little PR never hurt anyone.

      Michael Wood


      • #4
        Most of the Connecticut shoreline towns do a "wet down."

        That's where the surrounding towns bring an engine and "christen" the new piece with their deck guns. (Aim the guns high in the air, and let the water rain down on them. We have seen new trucks get their windshilds punched out!)

        Eng. Co. 9

        "In all of us there are heroes... speak to them and they will come forth."

        "In order for us to achieve all that is demanded of us, we must regard ourselves as greater than we are."


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          I agree with E man, a wet down would be pretty cool and watch out for the master stream, make sure it is high.


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            Hi everyone!!

            In our little town in Western Massachusetts we just got our new E-One!! On June 30th, just before 4th of July celebrations, our town is having a Fire Truck Parade with about 30-40 towns represented. The Holyoke Caledonian Pipe Band will lead off the parade. Its a great touch with the local bank willing to pick up the fee. Just before we reach the center of town, the Cub and Boy Scouts will enter the parade, along with the American Legion, Lions Club and other dignitaries, proceed past the viewing stand, and on to the Lions Club Pavillion where they will sell or provide hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.. A few people will speak, a dedication will follow, and a local well known band will perform later that night.

            There is alot of other stuff going on in between, but you get the point...get the community that payed for the truck involved. And show them your fire fepartment is one kick-*** group!!!

            Happy Easter!!

            FF Brin


            • #7
              For six years,I lived on a little resort island out in the middle of Lake Erie and every year at the beginning of the summer tourist season (actually about this time of year) all of the equipment was hauled out for a christening by all the local religious leaders. I mean all the equipment too...the Lake Erie Coast Guard cutters would show up along with their search and rescue choppers, the local police speed boats, everything. Now I know this probably wouldn't fly in bigger towns because it is not politically correct, but on an island of maybe 400 year round residents, it was perfect. Plus the local department is all volunteer, and the entire island shows up for this annual event. It was great every time I went


              • #8
                With our newest truck in 1999 we had a wet down. We had a normal barbeque-like event with the new truck displayed out in front of the station while the road was blocked off at that section. A few companies from around the area were invited and they are usually the instigators. Before we knew it we heard a few horns blow and a Q start up. We ran everyone inside the station, they closed the bay doors, and it was off to battle with a truck at each end of the new one. Thank god we got the Snozzle on that truck and we had it already in operation as a nice cool shower for the kids. After two water fights with handlines it came down to a little skirmish between our Snozzle and a telesquirt parked face to face. Unfortunately, like someone mentioned earlier, the windshield on the other truck couldn't take it and we flooded the cab. These events are nothing but fun, but if you decide to have one, make sure you have a "battle zone," a safe zone for kids and people to eat, and responsible pump operators to keep it at a low psi.


                • #9
                  We have hosted a few wetdowns for our neighboring depts. we invite all the depts in the surrounding to help us in the wet down. as previously said we wet the truck down but do it with hand lines (after we get it with champagne) While the truck commitee stands next to the truck, and then run all lights and sirens for one minute. after that we all go into the station and watch the cake get cut with the axe from the new truck.

                  Good luck with the new truck TKO, and be safe.

                  Adam J. Dorn

                  These are my opinions and not of any group or org. that i belong to.


                  • #10
                    We do a push in to the new house. We call it "Carrying the Engine or Truck". We just say a few words about how we are asking God to protect the men and women who ride on this apparatus by always carrying them home safely home. We show our respect for the new equipment by carrying it into it's first night in the the house. Kinda like a bride over the threshold sorta thing. The religious aspect is cool too, God likes firefighters. Be safe and be nice to each other.
                    Your Brother
                    Bobby Halton Albuquerque New Mexico


                    [This message has been edited by Bobby Halton (edited 04-19-2001).]


                    • #11
                      We didn't have any ceremony and I hope it doesn't turn into a tradition, but our new Engine was "christened" w/ a car fire.

                      We (3 officers) were taking the new Engine to the shop to have all the new equipment mounted and new hose/fittings put on. We got onto the interstate and @1 mile up the road, still in our first due area, a car pulled over in front of us w/ smoke coming from the windows. Luckily we had been "playing" w/ the Engine before we left and had 1/4 tank of water and a 50' scetion of 1 1/2" w/ a nozzle. We geared up (I know, no SCBAs, wasn't a safest thing to do) and put the fire out fast enough that they just need new seats. I had to borrow a flashlight off a state tropper til our "first out" Engine got there. The people just kept asking how we got there so fast!!

                      Have Engine, will travel!!!


                      • #12
                        This doesn't necessarily speak to putting an engine/truck into service, but as far as traditions go...

                        Every year on Memorial Day after the cemetary service to honor our fallen firefighters, the Chaplains visit each company and bless the rigs.


                        • #13
                          Our fire department has a ceremony where the fire department chaplain dedicates the new apparatus with prayer. The ceremony is attended by the fire chief, the local politicians, members of the news media, and the on duty shift. New apparatus is hosed down by the apparatus it replaces and is pushed into the apparatus bay by the on-duty shift. It is played up in the local newspaper for PR.


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