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Need help very much!

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  • Need help very much!

    Nowadays Thailand do not recognize how importance of fire fighting. As a result of Thailand did not have public fire training academy, firefighters did not know exactly about how to fight with the fire. Especially in Bangkok there are 1,000 public fire trucks with 1,200 firefighters for 36 stations, that’s not sufficient for the big city like BKK. So it caused the number of firefighters not enough for a structure fire and too late for working. According to these problem the people in community decided to join together for establishing fire volunteer department. Whoever want to be firefighter can volunteer themselves to any departments without qualification. it caused the lack of quality for the firework and they used small truck without any water so it is easier to access. They can reach before public firefighter but these volunteers were not trained then they did not analyze the situation.
    “Suppose when the house was burning, these volunteers won’t get in to the house but they just stay outside and shooting water that make the house damage from water.”
    Since 1995 our department set-up for the people who love to be firefighter. At that time, we had 30 volunteers, but now we have only 15 separated for manage team and fire fighting team. From the problem of the volunteer’s performance, we are very disappointed so I try to improve the volunteer’s image and find knowledge of fire fighting by learning with the private fire academy and I had to pay for fees. And also we learn from the worker in petrochemical plant who was trained from aboard. Although we had some knowledge, we still have lack of good quality equipment that we never have any supporting from public. They give only low quality fire hose that can be used only 1-2 years. Therefore we have to pay for equipment by ourselves but we are lack of fund because we did not get any compensation so it made us difficult to improve our ability. As above, our group decide to seek additional income in order to survive by setting fire training course for people or some units who interested that we can afford some money, fire equipment and turnouts gears.
    Now we are facing with many problems since we change our couplings from instantaneous couplings to NH couplings (after the training, we found that it can compensate the weakness points of the instantaneous coupling.) It caused our head office dissatisfy because they thought that we are selfish because we had different couplings from others and they could not use couplings with us from their opinion it shows that they never open their mind to receive something new and better from the others. Later on the problem getting bigger and serious, our leader consider to leave and shut down our department because he believed in statement of headquarter. It made us know that he never sincere to be a good volunteer fire fighter like us. Our group are very sorry for that cause he never recognize our intention.
    You may doubt that why we do this without benefit. That’s because our groups want to change the existing system fire fighter in Thailand even though we are only small department. At first we change to use NFPA turnout gear getting from our money. (The public department also had these suits but they never use it because it is very expensive and they are afraid of broken.)
    Now our department completely closed, we decide to collect the volunteer who are sincere and intend to be firefighter, settle the new department but we did not have fire truck, many fire equipment. Luckily we discover the used DARLEY fire Truck that sold for second hand product, it costs $ 2,500 so we decided to buy it and we need help for repairing, recycling and other equipment such as donation, fire hose(11/2”, 21/2”, 4”), turnout gears, SCBA and anything that you can help us.
    If you need any document further to support our statement we’re welcome to give you. I hope that it didn’t make you irritate.
    Thank you very much
    Pakorn Katethat

  • #2
    Will keep you in mind, Taksin and let you know if I can come up with anything.

    Good Luck in your search.


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