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Finally! Someone who will understand!!!

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  • Finally! Someone who will understand!!!

    I want to congratulate Deputy Chief Jon Hansen of the Oklahoma City Fire Department on his nomination to head the United States Fire Administration.

    As a witness and participant in one of the most trying incidents a fire department has had to face, the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing, Jon Hansen knows what it's like to be on the fireground, in the firehouse and is someone who can understand the issues that concern us.

    President Bush made an excellent choice. Hansen will have to go through a Senate confirmation hearing, and I urge all of my Brothers and Sisters to contact their Senators and give the USFA a leader who knows what the job is about!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    Couldn't have said it better, Cap. Finally someone that knows what we are all about, and what we need.

    Good luck D/C Hansen.


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        Lets get the word out that fire fighters are keeping an eye on what happens at the USFA.

        Let the political machine know that fire fighters should also receive proper funding not the cut down Fire Act.

        Darren (Sirene) Reeves
        IAFF #50
        --- These are my views and no one else's ---


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          Gosh I don't understand why would they want a former firefighter? There has to be a bureaucrat in need of work somewhere. For 8 years a bureaucrat was fine. What could a firefighter possibly bring to the job?

          Are these firefighters patting Bush on the back for appointing a ex-union firefighter, the same guys who were attacking him for cutting the fire fund, said he was anti union, anti fire fighters and anti fire service???

          Strange world.

          I hung out with Jon for a hour and a half a few weeks ago. He'll do all he can in spite of the entrenched Wahington DC lifer bureaucracy which will fight him all the way.


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            Finally!! A true act of common sense and responsibility!!!! someone somewhere is to be congragulated for getting the Prresident's ear!!!


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              In more than 25 years of service, I have never seen or met a firefighter that more exemplifies my idea of a true role model. Chief Jon Hansen made me so proud to be a firefighter during the most tragic period in contemporary US history. Chief Hansen stood before a stunned nation and somehow made us all feel that despite the tragity, America would survive.

              For days I contemplated this thought. Here he was, just doing what a good Division Chief does day after day. (whatever that is!!!) In an instant, he became a spokesperson for firefighters all over the world. I do not believe that if you were to chose a person, you could have found ANYONE that would have done a better job.

              I had the pleasure of meeting him and talking with him about a year later at the International Association of Arson Investigators convention in LA. He was a speaker. He is everything I expected.

              A hardy "congratulations" to Chief Hansen.

              Stay Low!
              Captain B

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