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  • Work schedule...

    Because this was brought up in a thread from a potential recruit for a large city department who has had their shift schedule changed and jammed down their throat without proper compensation, I ask: What kind of schedule do you all work? 42 hour rotation, 56 hour rotation? and what kind of shifts (hour wise).....?

    This may be a redundant question, however i feel that if it's not something that is paid attention to, more of our union brothers will be faced with the troubling fact someday of dealing with a bad deal. Which definitely effects the best job in the world.

    I work in a large city department, 24 on 48 off 24 on 96 off. That is a schedule we have now. Used to be 10 on 14 on 24 off 10 on 14 on 36 off.

    Although I find camaraderie may have declined since we are together two days a week instead of 4, and certain guys treat it more as a part time job now with the 24 hour shifts, it saves the city money and give us much needed time off to recoup and spend with family.

    10s and 14s were nice though when it came time for holidays and birthdays and anniversaries as you'd always be guaranteed half the day off....

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    On the 2 career FDs I worked on I worked the following schedules:

    24 on 48 off. Any week you would work Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday you got one of them off for a 5 day break. 48 hour work week/

    California Schedule: 24 on 24 off 24 on 24 off 24 on 96 off. 56 hour work week.

    I preferred the California schedule even though it was more hours.
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      Local career FD works three 10's (days), three off, three 14's (nights), three off.

      I've heard of some federal agencies working longer "ons," ie, 48 on, 72 off, or something along that line.


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        Our shift guys work a 5/6.

        5 shifts on with one day off in between then 6 consecutive days off. Most departments in this area work this schedule and it's generally pretty well liked.
        Train to fight the fires you fight.


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          Our shift guys work a 5/6.

          Five days on with one day off in between each shift, then 6 consecutive days off.

          Pretty common schedule in this area.
          Train to fight the fires you fight.


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            We work a 24 on/ 48 off cycle, with a Kelly day every three weeks. You get to pick your Kelly day by seniority. So if you have a Sunday, every Sunday that your shift works, you have that day off, resulting in an average 48 hr. week, and 5 days off every three weeks. I love it. Plus you can trade shifts if you want.


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              24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 4 days off (3/4). 56-hour work week.
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                NCFF2014 and john sb, I think if we had to do a 48 or 56 hour rotation those would be the ones to have. Right now, Providence RI is 10 10 14 14 with 48 off. If you have a rough night that second 14 hour shift, you really have like one day off. Same with Tiverton RI.. They do 48 on 96 off. I would go CRAZY at the station for 48 hours on a regular basis.
                Thanks to everyone for the relies!!


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                  I guess working in a liberal cesspool has it's advantages. FDNY works a 40 hour workweek.


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                    Originally posted by captnjak View Post
                    I guess working in a liberal cesspool has it's advantages. FDNY works a 40 hour workweek.
                    Almost all of NJ (I only know of 3 that don't) work a 42 hour work week. The majority of those are on a 1 on 3 off schedule.


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                      Detroit has a schedule that goes 24 on..24 off..24 on..72 off. Each individual is assigned a letter which is used to get 5 days off once a month.


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                        Just about anything is better than the old Federal 72 hour one on one off schedule XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOO, 7 shifts with a day off in between followed with 3 days off. Four times a year you dropped a shift and got 5 days off instead of 3.

                        Most departments working 72 hour shifts have gone to 2 on 3 (2) off XXOOOXXOOOXXOO, 2 on 2 (4) off XXOOXXOOXXOOOO, or 3 on 4 off XXXOOOO

                        Same hours but at least you are get some time at home. The old schedule had you coming from work or headed to work nearly every day.

                        Not many work a 72 anymore, CALFIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection) is the only non-Federal department I know of that still does.

                        The vast majority of departments in California work a 56 XOXOXOOOO with the 48/96 becoming very popular in recent years XXOOOO, there are only a handful of departments in California working less than 56, I don't know of any working the 10/14 type of split shifts.


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                          Originally posted by captnjak View Post
                          I guess working in a liberal cesspool has it's advantages. FDNY works a 40 hour workweek.
                          Uh, SCREW those taxes, the cost of EVERYTHING, the traffic, and the loss of personal freedoms....


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                            Originally posted by johnsb View Post
                            Uh, SCREW those taxes, the cost of EVERYTHING, the traffic, and the loss of personal freedoms....
                            Taxes suck.

                            Traffic sucks.

                            Cost of Everything sucks. Although I suspect our compensation is higher than most.

                            Loss of personal freedoms? Not so much. NYC tolerates more personal freedom than just about anywhere. It really gets quite annoying sometimes.
                            But you're probably referring to gun control laws. I think it's a cultural thing. The city is not exactly made up of rugged outdoorsy types or hunters. I've lived my entire life in NYC suburbs and worked 30 years in NYC, including some not so great neighborhoods, I've never had a need or a desire to carry a gun. Very few people appear to be particularly upset about the gun control laws. Although we'd all like it if they worked better on criminals.

                            Some of you are working 48 and 56 hour weeks. I consider THAT to be a major loss of personal freedom.

                            Some of you work in states where pensions and unions are under attack. How's THAT working out in the personal freedom department?


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