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Thoughts on aggression towards first responders.

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  • Thoughts on aggression towards first responders.

    What are your thoughts on why and how we as ff's can overcome the new found aggression towards us on scene?

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    Keep your head on a swivel - all the time.

    Used to be "is the scene safe" was sort of glossed over - a quick look around and in we went. Now we have to be considering the situation right from the get-go. Where law enforcement presence was rare in the past, we're seeing them more and more, and more and more often wait for them to arrive before entering the scene.

    We lost an EMT here several years ago when his patient, who had aroused the suspicions of other responders on the scene, left the room and returned with a long gun. The EMT was reportedly confident he had the situation (and patient) under control and refused to leave despite the urgings of his fellow responders.

    I don't know that we can overcome this new phenomenon. There are those who lean in that direction, and recent events have undoubtedly emboldened them.

    So we simply have to remain aware. Very aware.
    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

    Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.


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      You can't fix stupid.

      Or ignorant
      Or psychotic
      Or Terrorist
      Or Paranoid Schizophrenic
      Or Meth/Crack head
      Or Survivalist Whacko
      Or etc.

      Just leave quickly and let the cops sort it out, 'cause they're not going to let us conceal carry.


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        We had an issue a few years ago in which firefighters responded to a reported apartment fire and found a small fire on the wooden balcony on the third floor of one of the buildings. Firefighters went to the third floor and knocked on the door. The resident inside opened the door, stepped out, cursed at the firefighters, and stepped back inside and locked the door. The police department was called and the police officers stood by while the firefighters forced entry to the apartment. Unbeknownst to all involved, the man from earlier was sitting inside the residence with a loaded firearm aimed at the door. As soon as the door was forced, he opened fire, firing a couple dozen shots. Police returned fire, a lengthy standoff resulted, the man was eventually shot, survived, arrested, and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

        That incident was very traumatic for those involved. No one expects to roll up on a reported building fire with a target on their backs. Like another poster said, just keep your head on a swivel. Also, be polite and respectful to everyone you encounter (this should be a given since customer service is so important in our industry). A lot of people that have serious problems with authority and with the police tend to like firefighters because we aren't there to judge or punish them...we're simply there to help. The more that people realize this, the safer things will become for us.


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          Originally posted by Lrdchaos View Post
          What are your thoughts on why and how we as ff's can overcome the new found aggression towards us on scene?
          New? Are you serious?

          Aggression towards us is as old as we are. It's nothing new. Maybe a little more pronounced and frequent in more populated areas, but trust me, there's nothing new about it.

          Head on a swivel. Full situation awareness at all times. Know your surroundings, know the way out. Hand tool always with you, even on medical runs. This is where street experience comes in handy- trust your instinct. If your crew is younger than you, don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

          Know where the pt is, the pt's family is, and don't forget the pt's doberman pinscher.

          When in doubt, GTFO. Call for and wait for PD assistance.
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