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Do You Think Firefighters Are Better Role Models Than Sports Stars and Rappers?

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  • Do You Think Firefighters Are Better Role Models Than Sports Stars and Rappers?

    Do you think firefighters are better role models for children than famous sports stars and "rappers"? Why or why not?

  • #2
    In a word...YES!
    In theory...YES!

    In reality, the sports stars, rappers, rock stars and actors are going to get more attention because they have the $$$$ and the publicists working for them. We do the job day in and day out with little or no fanfare...let a sports star/musician/actor tour a homeless shelter for families and they get tons of publicity...we go there for fire alarms and medicals and we may get a thank you...but I have to tell you...that thank you means more than anything to us!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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      *sorry, wrong place*

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        I agree 110% with the good Captain!!!


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          Same here!



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            Hell Yeah!


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              You have to ask????!!!!


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                Most definately. What we do is more important and has benefits on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I love music tremendously and follow professional sports more than occasionally, but I don't feel that their professions should be revered as much as they are. Many famous people lead straight and narrow lives and contribute time and money to worthy causes, but most are not grounded in their communities as we are. They are hamstrung by their fame and fortune and will never lead "normal" lives. I believe that those with "everyday" jobs should be looked up to more than those in the spotlight. Take care and be safe.

                Phil Clinard
                Laurel VFD
                Prince George's Co Sta 10
                Laurel, MD


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                  I feel that anybody that lives a good, clean, honest life (no matter what their occupation is) makes for a great role model for kids. As far as firefighters being better role models, let me just say this, we're ALL human. By this I mean to say that, just like sports stars we have bad apples in our bunch too. There's good and bad in every group (i.e. firefighter arsonists, etc) so singling out one group as better role models than any other as a blanket statement just isn't right. Remember, we don't have legions of reporters and cameras covering our every move and broadcasting our screw-ups (both individual and as a group or team) or our indiscretions to the nation 5 times a day on every channel on TV either. If we were under that kind of microscope, we might have a different opinion. There's my 2 cents. Right, wrong or indifferent it's just my opinion.

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                    As a profession and as a group, yes. I think firefighters are more realistic and roll model worthy than sports figures. We are who little kids can grow up and be like. A very select and special few will be able to join the ranks of the pro athelete or be a professional nitwit like emenim.

                    But to that end, it also depends on the person. The firefighter that (list is not limited to these few items):

                    * steals from anyone, especially his brothers at the station

                    * drinks and drives

                    * does drugs

                    * abuses people

                    Is hardly any better a role model than Micheal Irvin, Rodman,...

                    And we all know folks that fit one or more of these categories on the job...


                    • #11
                      Yes I agree with everything that everyone else has said, I've never fewlt that sports athletes or rappers could be true heroes, You turn on the news and here about maybe your favorite athelte who makes 10 million a year whining about how he wants more money and can't afford to feed his family, Or you here about a rapper being arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance or refusing to take offensive lyrics out of his songs about a school shooting, A firefighter is a true hero, Day in day out they arrive at work not knowing if it could be the final time, They deal with so much from peoples refusals to pull to the right to acts of pure human stupidity, But do they complain? no, They're the one thing that will always be there, Rappers and Athletes come and go but and no matter what the people that will be there when you need them the most there the ones in those big red trucks that just went screaming passed you, Those dedicated and brave men and women which I wish I could see more children say that the Firefighter at the Fire Station down from the street from there house is his heroe, Not some sterid swalloing athlete,

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                      • #12
                        In general, I say without hesitation - YES!

                        But let me ask you...do you have IAFF or local FF stickers in the back window of your personal vehicle. If you do, do you:
                        * Weave in and out of traffic without signaling and disregard to others.
                        * Do you obey speed limits.
                        * Throw obscene gestures at other drivers when you are impatient or they do something you think is stupid.
                        * Do you pull up into crosswalks when waiting for a red light.

                        These are but a few, but hopefully they make you realize that if you accept or believe yourself to be a "role model", you wear it all the time. People look at your IAFF or local FF sticker and judge us all by your actions.

                        Being a FF is a full time job!

                        Of course, this is only opinion.

                        Captain Bill


                        • #13
                          Eng522ine, Mongo, and Engine 101... you gentlemen hit the nail right on the head. As E522 pointed out, there are good role models out there in all fields. On the flip side, there are bad apples out there as well, and it isn't accurate to make a blanket statement to say otherwise, no matter how much pride one has in what we do. Hell, I'm sure the Presidency of this great nation was once a prestigious position, but a few hormones get in the way and... Naww... don't want to stir THAT pot- I'll put my spoon away now. Take care, Brothers -n- Sisters...


                          • #14
                            Well sure! Of course! What better people than firefighters to show kids the way. They're out there making a difference everyday. Yeah, it sounds corny, but it's true. I don't see a pop start or actor going out there and dragging somebody out of a burning building or bring life back into that baby who almost perished in the flames. Just ask yourself: "Now who are the real heroes and why?"


                            • #15
                              FireFighters of course, is there any one else?


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