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Upcoming Tests for FDNY, DC, ect.

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  • Upcoming Tests for FDNY, DC, ect.

    I am looking for some tentive dates for the next:

    Montgomery County
    Howard County
    Anne Arundel County
    Balto City and County
    Alexandria VA

    Fire Department tests.. I know about FDNY..

    If anyone knows a possible date or month or time to file, can you either email me or post it here.

    Thanks again..


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    Philadelphia just announced that they will be giving the civil service exam for Firefighter, date has not yet been determined, however it will most likely be September. You do not need to be a resident of the City of Philadelphia to test, but you need to be a resident ONE year PRIOR to getting hired. In other words if you score really good, you better get an apartment or address that you can prove you live at!! Philly's Civil Service people will want to see utility bills, deeds, mortgages, rental agreements, auto insurance records, payroll records, and driver license records!!

    You can get an application to take the test in any Philadelphia public library, fire station, police district, or from civil service at the Municipal Services Building. For any out of towners that want to take the test, drop me an email and I'll get you one. You fill out the app, send it in, and then you get a letter notifying you of the time and place to sit for the exam. Thats it- if you can't make it there and then, too bad, so sad. Also in the letter will be info for where and when you can obtain your study book, but they issue those no less that 2 weeks prior to the test. You have to take your letter to a police or fire station, and they issue a book to you.

    Good Luck on whatever tests you may try!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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      I'd like to know if there's someplace that'll take me if I score well enough, even though I don't live in their city. I did half decent in NY but they won't even look at me, because of residency.
      If anyone knows tell me please......gotta get out of Dodge. Thanks


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