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Voting On Membership Applications

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  • Voting On Membership Applications

    I was wondering how most departments go about selecting their members. My department votes on new members entering the department and when they complete their probationary period. Do any other volunteer departments not vote on their members? If so what process do they use. I am always concerned some people might not make it simply because some members do not like them. It is easy to see how the decision of the membership could end up violating civil rights and other anti discrimination laws. Since many departments receive tax dollars, they are more like a government agency then a private organization. I personally am uncomfortable voting on membership issues. I always vote yes....even if I do not like the person, unless there is some real reason to vote against them.

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    We {As a Company } Vote to accept the member for a six month probationary period. During this period the perspective member is issued gear and a pager and expected to participate as a full senior member would be {Ie: Fire Calls, Drills, Meetings, Work Details, Fund Raisers, Ect..} Probationers must also attend training at the fire training center if they don't already have training. Providing the probationary member completes and participates he/she is again voted on in six months and accepted as a full member which allows them to have a key to the fire house, Dress Uniform, And the Ability to Run for Office


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      Let ,me first state that I have been on departments that have voted on members and one that actually went through a type of hiring process.

      The later is MUCH MORE affective and fair. The candidate is being evaluated on his PREFORMANCE not who he/she knows. The departments I am on now votes members on for a year probationary period. With a designated number of hours to be completed within 6 months. Then after they pass that six months (by having their hours) they do 6 more months and come before the general membership once again for vote. If you **** off the wrong person(s), you are out. No matter what your call pecentage may be, no matter how good a firefighter you are, or are becoming, you are gone.

      I HATE that system. Because then it becomes a matter of kissing up to the "right" people to get the neccessary vote. I think it is a biased way of doing it, but it is something that I have had to get used to because I see it not changing any time soon.

      My choice would be, evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. When they apply; are they going to be able to contribute to the department? When they are on, are they an asset or detrement to the department. THEN make the decision. You need PARTIAL members of that governing body though that is not influenced by "opinion".

      Just my .02 and I will quit while I am ahead.

      Your Brother In The Service,
      Rob Herpel
      Vice-Pres./Asst. EMS Coordinator
      Fremont Rural Fire Department


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        In our department we vote a member in for a probationary period. the member must also meet certain requirements in the year period. One of the stipulations is that they must attend a week at the municiple fire school at Texas A&M for live fire training. Many of the firefighters after attending this school go on to attend other schools and get more education. I beleive that voting most members in we have not had any one fail to live up to our expectations. We stress that this is not a hobby as fire fighting is dangerous. Thank you LC


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