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college Fire departments

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  • college Fire departments

    does any one know anything about college fire departments?

    when the tones speak I go

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    I Go to OSU and I may be able to tell you some info, but I need to know what you are asking for


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      I would like to know some basic stuff like if your college has one and if students are allowed to be FF. if you have contact info to get more indepth information would be great.

      when the tones speak I go


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        University of Alaska Fairbanks has a Student Firefighter Program to go along with their Emergency Services Associates Degree Program. Gets damn cold up there in the winter, but is a very good program. We've got some good people that have been through it

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          Check out these websites...


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            Washington State University has a paid department that supplements their staffing with student resident volunteers. No fire fighting education programs though. Closest is a Fire Protection Engineer degree.


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              This school may be to far from your state but here goes. I got my start at Columbia College Fire Department. It is located in Columbia, CA. You have to be a student of the college to work there, but here's the kicker. The department (and the school) is known for it's Fire Science program. You have to test to get on and once your a member you are considered a full-time firefighter. The shifts where 48 on and 4 days off. The college pays you while you go to school. It's like having a full-time FF job while you learn. This program is one of only two (that I know of) in the state of CA. And best of all it is a Junior College. Junior college in CA is dirt cheap compared to most other colleges out there. Check it out. Type in YCCD in search mode and look for Columbia College. Sorry I'm not sure of the address this is the best I could do. The department boast an excellent hiring rate from it's ranks.


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                I am a firefighter at Columbia College Fire Dept. mentioned above by IAFF1932. To give you a little more information, Columbia College Fire Dept. is basically a fire protection district that is now a part of Toulumne County Fire Dept. So in other words, we get our funding from the college, but we are considered one of the twenty stations of Tuolumne County Fire which is mostly volunteer. We are the only full time station in the county excluding CDF stations. We test and promote just like any other fire dept., with the exception that you must be enrolled in 6 units of class at the college. If you are on duty during one of your classes, you go to class like normal, but if you get a call you are allowed to leave class and respond. We work 2 on, 4 off with 3 shifts of 6. Our response area is 56 square miles that includes a lake, highways, and rural roads. The population is approximatly 3,000 and we average 500 calls a year. Of these 500 calls, approx. 150 are fires. We staff one engine and one breathing support unit. The Breathing Support is dispatched to all structure fires in the county(hence the 150 we run a year) and is usually staffed by 2, sometimes 3. Only one person is required to operate the breathing support and therefore the other personelle get to go play. This we we get to see a lot of fire and do get alot of first hand fire experience. The more you are known throughout county fire, the more you will get to do. Many of us will get the chance to make upwards of 10 interior attacks a year. Although that seems like a small amount, for a beginning firefighter starting off and in such a small county, thats pretty good. We are a county "JAWS" team and we have a full compliment of hydrolic tools on our engine. A major highway runs through our response area giving us our share of accidents and pin-ins. We are a county rope rescue team and run many over-the-bank type vehicle accidents as well. The majority of our response area is grass and heavy timber and we run approx. 50 vegitation fires a year and are often called out to large fires in the county. We are actually getting another engine and will be able to respond with out of county strike teams. Our Driver/Operator's and Crew Leaders(which are company officers) get paid around $600 a month but durring fire season that doubles. Most members activly test for other agencies and that is a big part of working with us. We promote testing in a big way and it pays off. 75% of those that work at Columbia College Fire Dept. make it to a Municipal Fire Department after leaving College Fire. We have such a large number of ex college fire guys throughout the california departments that when you go to test with a department, chances are that someone there worked for College Fire. We take a great amount of pride in our department and feel it is a fantastic way to get your start in the fire service, especially while going to school. Through the college and county fire, we get the chance to attend many state fire marshal accredited fire and rescue classes such as auto extrication, rescue systems one, rope rescue, ect... We are highly regaurded for turning over high quality employees and this is known throughout the state. There is a great amount of pride and tradition within out department and we continue to improve. If you are interested in finding out more about our department, feel free to e-mail me @ [email protected]
                Good luck and take care!
                Brett Schooley


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                  Although it isn't part of the college. The Manhattan, Kansas Fire Dept.(home to Kansas State University) has a Student Firefighter program, which they hire students from KSU to work part-time as firemen to suplement the full-time staff. There is no fire ciriculum at the college though.


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                    The University of Maryland offers degree in Fire Protection Engineering and many of the local colleges in the area of U of M offer some sort of Fire Science degrees. There are about 6 Fire Stations surrounding U of M that offer a live in program. That is you get to live at the firehouse for free (No Rent) in exchange for running fire calls. All of these stations offer different opportunities and services to the community.

                    Berwyn Heights is located about 2 miles from campus. We offer a live-in program with room for about 13 live-ins total. Check out our web site @ www.bhvfd14.org for some more info (It's still under construction). E-mail me if you have any ?'s.


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                      Howdy again their neighbor.

                      Assuming you are just looking to be a FF while in college (not nesecerally persuing a Fire or EMS related degree) then . . .

                      Ferrum College has no FD (or EMS) of their own. However the local FD & Rescue Squad (of which I belong to both) will take on college students as members. Aside from driving restrictions (on the FD only) you are aforded the rights, privilages, and duties of any other member (barring any age restrictions such as no interior attact for under 18).

                      If you're interested you can e-mail me for more detailed information.

                      Take Care - Stay Safe


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                        Well our firehouse has just voted in 5 kids from the local college. We have a couple of members who are students at another college in the state, and come back and fight fires on the weekends. We are just starting a bunker Program, where if they are an Interior firefighter in an other part of the state, we will give them a place to stay, if they are here for a certian time per night, but they get some nights off.



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                          New England (I'm sure I'm missing some and/or minor details...it's been a while since I collected the info!)

                          UMass -- Town of Amherst FD protects the campus, and also has a student program.

                          U. New Hampshire -- Town of Dover FD has a station on campus, with student volunteers.

                          U. Southern Maine -- University FD staffed heavily with students, including officers upto LT rank.

                          URI -- Protected by the Kingston FD which protects the square mile around the University and provides heavy-rescue to the rest of the Town of North Kingstown. Heavily staffed by student volunteers

                          UConn -- No student FFs on the campus FD (all career); however Mansfield and Eagleville are large combination departments that have stations within a mile north and south of the campus.

                          U. Vermont also has some student program, but I can't remember the details. Basically, UConn is the only land-grant university in New England which isn't directly protected by their own students.

                          New Hampshire Technical College (? hope I got the name right!) Provides 2 year Fire Science program; students volunteer or work part time for the departments in the "Lakes Region" around Lake Winnipaskee (which I just mispelled)

                          U. of New Haven -- Provides 4 year fire science programs, but no "official" student volunteer programs I know of.

                          WPI -- Worcester Polytechnical Institute. Fire Prtoection Engineering program including graduate degrees; Auburn, MA used to have a program where FPE students volunteered living in their West Station. Not sure if that is still around -- the website isn't up any more!

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                            As Hammer14 described, the area around the University of Maryland is inundated with volunteer departments that provide housing for students. The UofM Fire Protection Engineering program is world renowned. The University also has a Fire Science program that provides firefighters with management training, not as technically centered as the FPE program.

                            My department serves a diverse community and is one of the busiest in the area. The station runs a busy BLS unit and sees a fair amount of fire duty. We currently have several vacancies and are recruiting for new members. Anyone interested in this program can email me at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.


                            • #15
                              Penn State University is service by the Alpha Fire Company, State College. There is no fire science program offered by the university however, around half of the active members are students. The requirements are strict but just. For being all volunteer running +800 calls a year that is not bad. The coverage area includes industrial, residential, high rise, as well as rural.

                              Check them out at www.alphafire.com

                              Keep Safe!


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