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The Detroit Fire Dept. Embarrrassment To The Fire Service Once Again.

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  • The Detroit Fire Dept. Embarrrassment To The Fire Service Once Again.

    DETROIT -- A Detroit firefighter was accused of driving after drinking when he drove a department ladder truck into the back of a car Tuesday, then left the accident scene.

    The firefighter, along with a second firefighter who witnessed the accident and also left the scene, was suspended without pay Wednesday, said Fire Commissioner Charles Wilson. The firefighters have not been charged with any crimes yet.

    Wilson declined to name the firefighters, but said they face dismissal if the allegations are proven.

    The accident, which was minor, occurred about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday while two firefighters were returning Ladder 23 from the department's repair garage to its fire station at Houston-Whittier and Gratiot.

    The driver of the 26-ton fire truck allegedly hit a car stopped to turn off Gratiot onto Devine. Apparently unaware he had hit a car, the firefighter drove off until he was flagged down by the car's driver. The second firefighter, driving a personal vehicle behind the fire truck, also pulled over.

    The three apparently agreed to handle the situation privately and not involve the police, Wilson said. The car's driver later told police that the fire truck driver smelled of alcohol.

    When the firefighters returned to Ladder 23's quarters, they both left work without explanation even though they were supposed to be on duty until Wednesday morning.

    The driver of the car then apparently changed his mind and reported the accident to fire officials. The fire department turned the case over to Detroit police's internal affairs section.

    Fire officials were not able to track down the firefighters for several hours until the one who wasn't driving the rig showed up at the station around 11 p.m. He declined to give a statement, and police officers did not give him a sobriety test, Wilson said.

    The driver of the fire truck was located Wednesday morning.

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  • #2
    Don't worry Ladderman. If the allegations are proven true these 2 individuals can kiss their jobs good by. The news story was not exactly all the truth. So now you want to start a ******g contest again. Don't you have anything better to do. No organization this large is going to be 100% perfect. So go ahead and blame 1 or 2 percent of a large Department. Get a life or is this all you have to pass your time! At least we do not hide our problems like a lot of other larger departments. This could have been hidden but at least our department choose not to hide it!

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    [This message has been edited by FireLt1951 (edited 03-31-2001).]


    • #3
      FireLt1951, I could'nt agree with you more.
      Ladderman must be living in fantasy land where nothing goes wrong.

      NJ/FMBA is good.
      Go NY Yankees!!!!


      • #4
        Ladder Man:

        Please realize that in this great country we are presumed inocent until PROVEN guilty!

        Words like accused, if the allegations are proven, allegedly, Apparently etc. are words used in your own post yet you seem to have taken a stead fast position of guilt for these guys.

        Let the system work.....and he who has not sinned be the first to throw stones!

        Stay Safe

        Kirk Allen
        First Strike Technologies, Inc


        • #5
          There shouldn't be ANY alcohol in the stations in the first place! Your own people are walking around bragging about having a 'pop' after they get back to the station from a worker. If you can't go 8 days a month without alcohol then I guess you have a problem and it needs to be dealt with. You keep defending the seniority promotion system but you are not selling it to well to the rest of the readers here that are reading consistant negative media reports about your department. I fully agree that most of what you do is dealt with professionally and it's sad that poor leaders are letting these things (such as drinking in the station) bring the whole department down.


          • #6
            My Detroit Brothers have been there for us in ways other than these forums.
            I know my job is hurting too but to have any outfit slammed by a guy that can only post "Midwest" is gutless. If they knew your department I know, no Detroit member would start crap like that.
            Ffnbs- you're a union brother that proudly displays his local number. Go drive over there and talk to them if you feel that strong. You're from his own state too!
            Let Detroit or any other department criticize there own. Do you think stand up dudes would want to crawl down a hall with guys like you?


            • #7
              Even though these individuals are "innocent until proven guilty", and even if they are proven innocent, it still leaves a very bad impression upon the public to see these types of articles even being published. Most of the time, the public makes their own assumptions about such things, and they stick with them even if they are proven otherwise. I think it almost seems hypocritical of those FF's who drive under the influence of alcohol... We are here to protect life and property, and what do they do? The one inherently dangerous thing that goes against what we do. That's just my opinion however....


              • #8
                It's sad that we are so quick to condemn each other.....maybe those guys had a drink or two...... MAYBE THEY DIDN'T.
                Ladderman, can you honestly say that nobody on your department has never done ANYTHING wrong, or more importantly ALLEGEDLY done anything wrong.
                Why are we in such a hurry to point a finger at our brothers and sisters without thinking "Maybe the person that got hit started seeing dollar signs" or maybe someone that they knew has it in for the Fire Department.
                The fact is, the truth will never be known it all comes down to "Your word against mine". I have to be totally honest and say that I beleive the stories of my brother and sister firefighters before i beleive ANYONE else.
                Blood is thicker than water.....let's try to start doing the right thing and geting ALL of the facts, and in this case the facts will NEVER be known. The only people who know exactly what happened are the ones in the incident.
                If they say that it was a simple accident then, in my opinion that's exactly what it was.
                If they were drinking then shame on them, but as i had said before they are innocent until proven guilty in my book.


                • #9
                  If this is true, do you think it only happens in Detroit? It happens more than anyone is going to admit. We are all blue collar workers and they like to drink. I was always told, cops have the best dope! Please, lets move on - nothing NEW here.


                  • #10
                    Ladder Man, to say that the whole department is a total embarrasment is just wrong. If the two firefighters at the center of this mess are guilty, then they and the SYSTEM that let this happen are the embarrasment.
                    I also have to agree with KEA, "innocent until PROVEN guilty". If these guys are guilty though, then they should be strung up (figuratively).


                    • #11
                      Hey, Ladder Man, I know you are out there, reading what everyone has to say about you and you're wonderland fire company in midwest eutopia-is it time to appologize yet, I think you owe it to the boys in detroit that DO work there *****es off regardless of whats happening around them. Don't you agree?? Well, i'm gone. Peace.

                      Newtown Fire Association
                      Station 45


                      • #12
                        Do you guys really want to go into this again?!?The last time there was a post like this, people bit each others heads off and ridiculed each other for weeks.

                        UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!!
                        Formerly know as Co11FireGal (lost my password).

                        [This message has been edited by Co11FireChic (edited 04-01-2001).]


                        • #13
                          Ladderman...didn't your mother ever teach you not to belive everything you read in the paper. You oght to know that the paper very seldomly tells the truth. That is a fact...they would be out of business if they told 100% truth. Why don't YOU get the facts before pulling the trigger on your own Brothers & Sisters? If you are a brother. Anyone who treats thier own like this ought not call yourself a brother of mine!
                          Stand tall Detroit!


                          • #14
                            Reread your opening sentence. Would you call this post you way taking care of Bro's and Sis's from other FD's. I'll reserve my comments about that. Everyone of DFD FF's I have met and even worked with are top notch FF's.

                            INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY!

                            Ever thought of sharing with the rest of the country what FD your from? Sounds like your FD is a role model for the rest of us.

                            STAY LOW. Fight like you Train and Train like you Fight.


                            • #15
                              DAMN, HERE WE GO AGAIN!


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