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    Hello from Kosovo,

    I work for a military contract company providing Fire Protection located in Kosovo, Yugoslavia working along side NATO.
    I have been overseas for the past three years in Hungary, Bosnia, and Macedonia, but I have never seen such destruction as I have witnessed here in Kosovo.

    Back in the real world
    I call Milford, NJ my home I am also a member of the Upper Black Eddy FD (Sta. 47 Bucks Co.) and Milford Holland rescue squad (Sta. 92).

    I am the Senior Fire Officer of Sta. 2 we provide fire protection for military (NATO) and mutual aid for local comminutes.

    The reason I have come to you is that the local FD here in Kosovo is in desperate need of equipment i.e. PPE, SCBA’s etc.

    My station works closely with the local fire department this dept. provides fire protection for a community of 70,000 +.
    They protect the city with the following.

    - 4 trucks that only work half of the time.
    - 2 SCBA (very old and antiquated )
    - 5 helmets
    - NO Coats or Pants
    - 25 fireman who have not been paid in months

    The chief has told me that during the war they were forced to close-up the station, which then became a Serbian military HQ. During this time the station was looted and equipment broken.

    On calls that we have worked together I have seen their fireman going into burning buildings to search for victims. No PPE I asked one of these firemen why they would take such a risk in his very broken English he said. “ We are fireman if we give that up who will protect our families? “

    Below is a list of equipment that would be of great help. It doesn’t have to be new what is old to us is very new to them.

    - Bunker Coats
    - Bunker Pants
    - Bunker Boots
    - Gloves
    - Hoods
    - Helmets
    - SCBA w/ bottle and mask
    - Axes
    - Hallagan
    - Flashlights

    Please check your Gear closets or under the stairs.
    The equipment does not need to meet today’s NFPA but it does need to be serviceable. If all you can donate is one helmet that will be one more helmet that a fireman will be using.

    If we get a good response to this we will also distribute equipment to other Kosovo city FD’s

    Any one interested please contact me via email [email protected]
    or [email protected]

    Richard Draper, Station Captain
    Engine / Rescue Co. 23
    Kosovo / Macedonia

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