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Roanoke Va FD Trunk Radio

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  • Roanoke Va FD Trunk Radio

    Does anyone know anything about their system... How can I listen to Roanoke City and County without listening to the PD and the water department, the hone company, the hot dog vendors...ect??

    What are the FD PL tones and the frequency's that are reserved just for the FD??

    Any help would be appreciated..



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    I can't give you any specifics, as I'm not familiar with that system, but in general:

    1) if it's a trunked system, there are no "reserved" freqs. Any radio can get any freq any time it keys up.

    2) one channel (and it changes) is a "control" channel. A radio mike keying up "asks", over the control channel, for a free freq. The controller replies w/a freq. assignment. The tx radio then switches to that freq.

    3) the rx radios "listen" to the control channel and jump to the correct freq. any time their programmed "talk group" is assigned to one. Then it breaks squelch and the user hears the call.

    Special scanners (called trunk-trackers) use the exact same method as the radios themselves. Program all the freqs, but only the talkgroups you want to monitor, and then scan in the mode that only listens to the those groups.

    As far as lists of freqs/talkgroups, Bearcat's web site has a database of most systems, and links to other sites w/similar info. Or search for a local "scanner enthusiasts" web site for more local info.

    Finally, not all trunk tracking scanners are created equal. There are several types of systems, from several manufacturers. Likewise there are several brands of scanners (Radio Shack doesn't count, they sell "re-labels" of two of the main brands). Some scanners work better on some types/brands of systems, and worse on others. Make sure that your scanner can handle your system.


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      The short and sweet of my reply is - I have no clue, but I vollie in the next county over (Franklin) and I know a few County & City people - plus there are a few on the boards. I'll ask around and see what I can come up with, but it may take me a little while - I don't see the Roanoke folks that often.

      I'll keep tabs on this thread just in case none of the 'noke folks get a reply back to you.

      Take Care - Stay Safe

      BTW you just listning in while visiting the area? I dunno much about radio systems, but I find it hard to belive you get Roanoke, VA all the way up in PG MD.

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