Ive got this helmet Im considering selling:

Allegedly refurbished by Cairns, but the paint job was horrible; texture in the paint, peeling off when the reflectors were removed...

The interior-headband, earlaps- looks perfect, theyre definitely new. Chinstrap is new. The exterior I sanded down and repainted with flat black and looks 10x better. The front-piece holder has some waves in it from being dropped... short, but uninteresting story behind that...

Ratchet strap currently uninstalled, but will be included. Bourkes have some scratches just from being unprotected.

I originally bought the thing for myself, and feel some of the information the PO supplied might have been misleading (at best). I dont want that to be the case again should someone buy it from me.

Its a newer helmet with the impact cap. Its in really good shape. If it actually fit my head, Id be wearing it (I ultimately ponied up for a new "L").

Looking to get $450 shipped, just to cover what Ive got into it (hey free labor on a 7 hour paint job!)

Pics are available on request, as I havent posted them or advertised this anywhere yet.