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    4 Platoon:

    5 days off

    12 debits per year. I usually schedule them on my tweener day, so I can work a 72 and keep my 5 days.


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      Our guys are 24 on/24 off, for 9 days. Actually work days are 5 per set, then 6 days off, then repeat.

      95% of the time you work with the same crews. Some change stations/rigs through a bidding process every quarter. Some stay, some change.

      I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

      Originally posted by EastKyFF
      "Firemens gets antsies. Theys wants to goes to fires. Sometimeses they haves to waits."


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        3 10 hour days, 2 off, 3 14 hour nights 4 off . Thats a 42 hour week which through "cycle time" is brought down to a 40 hour week. I would like to go to 24 on 72 off though.

        Four "groups" 168 hours in a week each group works 42 hours. Hint group 3 is the best one ...

        Work with the same guys each time.


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          the station i'm with is 24 on, 48 off. the guys pretty much stay with the same 3 man crew with the excetion of the volunteer guys that hang out on station.


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            We are on a 48/96 (2 days on 4 days off)

            Here are few other 24 hr variations (X is on-duty and O is off-duty):

            1/2 - XOOXOOXOO
            2/8 - XXOOXXOOXXOOOOOOOO
            3/4 - XOXOXOOOO
            5/6 - XOXOXOXOXOOOOOO
            Kelly (LA County) - XOXOOXOXOOOO
            Fire and EMS Shift Calendars and Day Planners


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              24 on 24 off every other day for 3 , then 4 days off.,
              Monday, Wednesday, Friday, off 4 days.
              Wednesday, Friday, Sunday,off 4 days
              Friday Sunday Tuesday, off 4 days.

              lather , rinse, repeate.
              that is 56 hours per week avrage with 53 hours normal pay and 3 hours of scheduled overtime pay.

              We often work 24 hours of overtime on our 4 days off to cover for some one sick or on vacation.

              the department next to us works everother day for 5 days, then off 6.

              I once worked everyother day for 7 then off for 8, but I only know of one major city that does that.


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                Hey Sno???..........

                Originally posted by snowball View Post
                We work eight ours every fifth day then every third day we work nineteen hours and thirty minutes. Every third Tuesday of the month we work twenty hours if that tuesday falls on a Thursday. Then we work nine hours on the twenty eighth day of the third month if it ends in a y, except if the twenty seventh day is a satirday, then we only have to work eight hours. On payday which is every fifty third hour, we work six and three quarter hours with the other one and one quarter hours being overtime unless there is a relief guy who hasn't worked his full tour, then he gets one half of his third of the overtime.

                I hope this helps.
                If a Tweedle Day falls on what would normally be a Farfel for that platoon, do you get Straight Time or Overtime??........ We get Straight for the Hours worked plus Comp Time at 50%...........
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