For the group
I am conducting a survey dealing with Worker's Compensation for those people exposed to AIDS/HCV while at work. If you are interested in completing this form, I can either e-mail you a copy or you can go to various news groups and they are listed in AIDS, Hepatitis, Labor, Medical areas. The survey is going well. BUT I am having a problem in getting past information dealing with either law enforcement and/or fire fighters when they are exposed there should be some type of data bank that has that information on a yearly basics. I have found good deal of information dealing with people in the medical fields but nothing for the other occupations. Have contacted several police and fire departments, the FBI, OSHA, and CDC. No information dealing with either Fire or Police. If anyone knows either where to look or the name of the data base would you please let me know
Thank you
James Hoyt
you can also reach me at [email protected]