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  • The SCBA Lifeline and Air Management Webcast

    Hi guys and girls.

    I will start to say, because I don't know where to start, that I enjoyed this day's webcast very much and it gave me a better understanding of how the American FDs use their most basic (nuts and bolts) tool, aka the SCBA.

    It showed and explained to me a lot of techniques I'm not familiar with because of the construction type of our (European) buildings. In our basic teaching course we get in the fire academy we have to go to small openings and such but we don't learn specific techniques but rather have to find it out ourselves. This works but it could be done better. The same goes for the entanglement techniques.

    I believe that the way to go in the future is larger bottles (45min bottles would be a minimum imo) in accordance with returning when at 50% capacity and better training and understanding of air management. Edit2: I would also combine this witha three shift system for very large fires as explained by Grimwood in Euro Firefighter.

    Another thing that I like is the smart HUD that I would love to have over here (together with buddy breathing).

    I know I missed a couple of things but I'll leave it at this point.

    Feel free to give your opinion about this as these are just my thoughts at this time which might change if you could convince me.


    PS: Am I the only one that only has sound and the first slide when trying to view Engine Company Do's and Don'ts Webcast from 15 December 2010? Edit: I have this problem with all the webcasts in the archive. Edit 2: It works with RealPlayer. Guess what I'm going to do these next hours.
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    Got a link to the webcast? We are moving to 45 min bottles and really love them. We have the smart HUD and its very helpful to do quick air checks. I'd like to listen to the webcast, post a link.
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      Hi Theusje -- Thank you for the comments and feedback, I really appreciate it.

      Jeff has studied SCBA related emergencies and been very progressive when it comes to training others in the basic and advanced skills on SCBA usage.

      As for the first slide not working in the other archives, can you please tell what browser and version you are using and I'll have the tech folks look into it.

      One topic that was of serious interest to our viewers was the consumption testing/course. It seems that many of the users wanted examples of the worksheets that he displayed.

      JT Fire -- the webcast can be found at: http://www.firehouse.com/webcasts

      Peter Matthews


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        I watched the webcast live with the Windows Streaming Audio and it was just fine. But when I want to watch a webcast from the archive it get stuck on the first slide. Watching a webcast, from the archive, does work with Real Streaming Audio.

        I'm using Internet Explore 8.

        Btw, I'm Marijn from facebook.


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          just curious if there would be a way to download the webcasts and/or fast forward through them. I think that would make it easier to watch them at the firehouse so that if we were watching an archived one, we could pause if we got a run.


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