I currently reside in Florida. I am a FL certified FF, EMT certified nationally and state Paramedic certified. I have been Volunteering for a FD for 3 years, I have been working as a Paramedic in AMR ( American Medical Response) for almost 3 years, I am in good shape, my CPAT time was 7:10.I am fluent in spanish, english and portuguese.I have an AS for EMS, Perfect driving record and no criminal background. I am 6'tall. I am tired of applying to these Departments in FL, I want to be in a real FD. So I applied to DALLAS FD. I have the test coming up on march 29. I have no idea what this test is going to be like. Could anyone please guide me on this matter? Also, Do I have a legit shot at it? will speaking 3 languages give me an edge? Will they take my Paramedic license into consideration? I saw some people saying that if you get hired with Dallas you will be riding box for many years.. who cares. I'll do it, I like the medical side as much as I like the Fire side. Will I have to start from scratch? Any info will be highly appreciated it. What airport do I have to fly to? any recommendations for hotels close by the convention center with decent prices?

Please help. I would like to study for this civil test and be fully prepared