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Haunted Fire Houses: Attn. WEBTEAM!

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  • Haunted Fire Houses: Attn. WEBTEAM!

    Two things. One, This is to hopefully get some more good stories. NO PG, G. BUSH, FIRE TRUCK COLOR, ECT.!!!! Also, Webteam, You've shut down some good threads before, and for good reason (multiple antagonists to be unnamed), but I really couldn't see any reason for closing that, I know me and some other guys were working on getting it back on track, and I would just like to know why that one was closed. No biggy, just curious. In the mean time, lets get some good stories goin, huh guys and gals?!?!?! Peace!

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    Let me start off by saying "Sorry" if my little comment contributed to the closing of the thread. It was a damn good thread, and maybe if someone were to start one similar I could manage to keep my wisecracks to myself. Again, my appologies.


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      don't worry about it, Eng522ine, concider this the remake!

      Newtown Fire Association
      Station 45


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        What happened to the replies though?? As I said in the old one, we have a fairly new station so I have no stories to share myself but for a while in the old one they were getting posted all the time. Nothing on this one, what happened?? There has to be some more......

        Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
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          My station is built next to a cemetary with alot of the grave dating back to the late 1700's. Some of the people buried there died during battles with Indians, Revoluntionary, Civil, WWI, and WWII.

          There are alot of reports of doors opening/ shutting on their own, strange noises in the attic, etc.

          There are alot of the older members, including myself that swear that they have seen a face in a door window that seperates a TV room and the meeting room !!!

          These are true stories, if it's related to spirits or whatever, it's still pretty spooky, don't ya think.

          Can't wait till we build the new house!!!



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            Whoops, didn't see this thread before I posted my haunted firehouse story in with the "haunted calls" thread...well I won't repeat myself but check it out there if you want!



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              ok, once again i have some incidents/stories ok here goes...In my station there have been a lot of unexplained things. one incident was during a storm, there were a bunch of guys staying the night, the bunkroom was full, so one guy stayed upstairs..during the night the guy came running downstaris screaming, saying that his bunkers were right next to him when he went to bed, when he woke up for a run they were at the other side of the meeting room..another event was when a few people were here, and our old tanker had a pressure dump..One night the entier 2000gallons dumped..they checked the pressure and it read full. Those were before my time. After i got in there were a few more. We were sitting there one summer night, when there was a someone pounded on the back door. one guy was right near it so he opened it, no one was there, right after that we went on an MVA just up the road. There have been the usual weird noises, footseps in the bays. When we moved to our new station, There have been some sounds, but nothing really spooky, but i think he came with us.
              In the station my uncle belongs to has had proly the most supernatural incidents. I have heard this from many FF's. members there refuse to sleep in the upstairs bunk room alone. There are stories of footsteps upstairs. In there meeting room they have an old piano. One night a few of them came in and heard the paino playing.. to see who it was the went up diffrent stairways, and met in the middle. Noone was there. We went one night on a standby...and a few of us went upstairs and when we got in the meeting room we could feel a weird presence...just some weird things
              stay safe...


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                OK I have got chills now..thanks guys! haha I have heard that my station is inhabited by some older passed on members, but have never seen anything. I wouldn't be surprised though cause town is famous for ghosts, hauntings, etc. It is an older town and two of our members (duplex home) live in a very haunted home on the main road in town. I am always creeped out when I go there. The next town over has a haunted fire house. I was a member there for years and never saw anything weird, but plenty of others have and some of the townspeople have seen weird things in the windows, doors opening when no one is there is etc. Creepy!
                Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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                  I dont work for the dept in my town, nor have I seen or heard anything, but I have heard some stories. Here goes with one.

                  First of all the town I live in has a paid dept. It is a proven fact that the first floor of the central fire station was the city jail. The area where the refridgerator is was oneof the jail cell. Well supposedly one of the inmates that was housed in that cell hung himself. When the building became a fire station a second story was added to make a bunkroom. My father works for the dept and so does a cousin of mine. My dad hasnt heard or seen anything either, but my cousin was sleeping upstairs and woke up because he heard something. Before he had time to get up out of bed he saw someone walking infront of his bed teh person stop walking look at him and thenproceeded to walk again and then walked directly through the wall. Other stories talk about the guys on duty all sitting in the living room watching T.V. when the toilet paper from the bath room fell of the holder rolled straight out the bathroom made an exact 90 degree turn and then without slowing sonw came to a complete stop. I dont know about you but I would be pretty freaked out if that happened to me.
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                    Up until 1985 our department occupied a former U.S. Navy firehouse located on the grounds of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. As the story goes, one of the Navy-era chiefs had died in the station, and several of the guys I work with who got to work in the station before it closed told of strange happenings such as hearing footsteps on the stairs when everyone on duty was downstairs in view of each other, members being awakened for calls by persons unknown, a face appearing in the watch office window, and probably strangest of all, the "tattletale" recorder in the EMS squad recording calls the unit never went on.

                    Capt. Chuck Yeargin
                    Glynn Co., Ga. FD
                    Station 4


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                      Military bases are infamous for having hauntings. Not to get off the subject of haunted fire houses...but in high school my friends mother told me a story that still creeps me out today. They had lived in Guantanamo Bay Cuba before moving to Rota Spain (which is where I met them). In Cuba they lived in the base housing. All military housing I ever lived in was pretty much the same...walk into living room kitchen area, one hallway with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on it and the end of the hallway is usually a dead end. Anyway, they had a 3 bedroom home and the last two bedrooms on the hall were her sewing room and the kids room. She was sewing and thought she saw something walk by so she leaned forward and shouted hello, then she looked across the hall to see if the kids had gotten home early. No one was there. So she went back to sewing. About 3 minutes later she saw the shadow again..she again called hello and looked to see if the kids were in the room across the hall. No one was there again. At this point she assumed she had either seen a shadow from outside the kids rooms coming through the window or the kids were messing with her so she got up and walked into the hallway. She looked toward the living room..nothing..then towards the dead end...she saw a man in very old sailor attire with a noose around his neck and tears running down his face...she froze. Then she realized it wasn't real but it was there looking at her just the same. Of course she freaked out and went to the housing office to investigate. When she got there they asked her why she wanted to know who had lived in that house from the time it had been built and she told the woman the story. The lady at the housing office helped her investigate. Sure enough, a sailor many years before had hung himself at the end of that hallway because his wife and children had left him and he had been demoted for his conduct...when they found his body he still had fresh tears on his face. Talk about scary!!! She stayed in that house and they said once in a while weird things would happen but nothing malicious so they just stayed there until they were transferred. I would have been out in a flash!
                      Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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                        Our station 2 has had its share of strange happenings. Most everyone who has stayed there has had some sort of experience. Some people have heard foot steps over the bunkroom in the middle of the night, the TV cuts on by its self, cabinet doors shutting by themself, the usual stuff. I personally had several things happen. On night I was asleep on the couch, woke up and the TV was on. I know it was off when I went to sleep. I turned it off and went back to sleep. Alittle while later, I awoke to find it back on again. Another time I walked out of the bunkroom and heard voice in the kitchen. It sounded like children's voices, kinda quite sounding, almost like I could hear them but couldn't understand what they were saying. I walked into the kitchen and no one was there. I thought maybe my partners kid were there and the sound was coming through the duct work. Nope, he was out back washing his car and no one else was in the station. The same sort of thing happened to our Assistant Chief in the kitchen.

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