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    Originally posted by FyredUp View Post
    If the purpose of the flashlight is to BE SEEN and not to see in smoke then the LED is probably a better choice. If the purpose of the flashlight is to see in smoke then I will take the Xenon bulb. None of them works all that good but I prefer a more focused less glare casting flashlight.
    Thankfully Streamlight is still offering the Vulcan lights in Halogen an Xenon. So you still have that option. I use an LED Vulcan which is ridiculously bright and works great for investigating alarms, etc. As i am not an officer, i don't carry a handlight in a fire anyhow.

    Originally posted by FyredUp View Post
    I will say I believe Streamlights decision to stop making the Xenon Black Dot bulb version of the Streamlight xl90 is a bad one. I guess if my Survivor ever takes a dump I will have to look elsewhere for a new flashlight.

    I too agree it was a bad move to discontinue them. But when i contacted Streamlight to ask why, their answer was what i expected, the LED's were outselling the Xenon to the point it was not cost effective to even offer the Xenon any more. On paper, it makes sense as to why. LED's have longer battery life, brighter light, no bulbs to ever fail or replace. So most departments prefer them. What they don't take into account is the visibility issue, but i guess it's not that big a deal to most people.

    As of now, the bulbs are still being made and their are parts on hand. For how long, who knows. If you truly prefer the Xenon version, i would buy another complete light while you still can from leftovers a dealer may have and buy some spare bulbs.

    Originally posted by FyredUp View Post
    My best advice for finding a flashlight you will like is to see if anyone you know is using one you are thinking about buying and see if they will let you try it out in smoke.
    Great advice. Nothing beats a hands on demo and a review from someone you know and who's opinion you trust.


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      You should be able to click Edit and then delete this thread?


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        Originally posted by CaptOldTimer View Post
        Who said that we busted balls??

        Just an honest mistake.
        In order to bust balls.... one must have them!

        Just kidding, bro, just kidding...
        ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
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          Originally posted by TruckSixFF View Post
          Let's try this again

          ` If I was you I would purchase a LED right angle Streamlight for your coat. I would also purchase a Streamlight Vulcan. At work I have a right angle on my coat, and the Vulcan on my gut belt. The Vulcan comes with a quick release seat belt strap so you can carry it on a gut belt or shoulder strap. The Vulcan cuts through smoke very well...


          This is what I carry mine on......


          Good luck in the academy Brother! Stay safe.
          At my station, we have similar lights to the Vulcan. I'm not sure if it's actually a Streamlight Vulcan or some other brand/model but it's the same basic kind of light. And this is what they use now instead of the Survivor. (From what I'm told, they used to put Survivors out there for people to take in, but they started disappearing because people would leave them clipped to their coats...take the coats home...and presto, a free flashlight.)

          I'll have to check and see what kind of bulb these box lights use but I seem to recall that they're not LED. So I see what you're saying, though; for the coat light, it makes sense to get whatever kind of bulb the box light is not. That way, I have one of each kind of bulb at the ready.
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            Originally posted by JJR512 View Post
            Some people have told me that LED lights don't cut through smoke very well; some people have told me they do. What's the real truth?

            I'm looking for a right-angle light to hang on a coat.

            One firefighter told me that non-LED lights cut through smoke better but that, at least in his experience, lighting through smoke isn't actually particularly important. He prefers LED so as to have a brighter, longer-lasting (per charge) beam for utility purposes.

            But I've just read an older thread here in which someone said LED cuts through smoke better.

            Since I'm only just starting the basic firefighting course in a couple weeks, I have no experience to guide me. What kind of bulb cuts through smoke better, and how important is that anyway?

            Two lights in particular I'm considering are the Streamlight Survivor and the Pelican Big Ed. My station doesn't issue any kind of coat light so I'm pretty much free to pick whatever I want.

            If it makes a difference, I'm with a suburban FD, with actual structure fires few and far between. But of course I'd still want my gear to be ready for one in case I ever actually do get in one...
            See if you can borrow one of each,get in the Smokehouse and draw your OWN conclusion. In my experience either is OK as you won't be seeing a lot anyway. I like the extended run time of the Led,but thats just me. T.C.


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              Quit playing around, get the BEST! I believe Harve used to use these lights.

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                I have to see if Globe will do a mounting tab on my new Turnout Coat for one one of them. And i hope BlackJack comes out with a helmet mount for one of them soon.


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                  Originally posted by LVFD301 View Post
                  Quit playing around, get the BEST! I believe Harve used to use these lights.
                  Haha! I remember using those (or something similar) on our helmet on a class field trip to a cave, but that wasn't too long ago. Maybe 20 years?

                  Had to be careful or you'd burn your hands when climbing up and down the ladders. Forgot all about those.
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