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Where do I find information on state or city fire codes?

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  • Where do I find information on state or city fire codes?

    Hi there...I need to find some information on state fire codes in Texas. Where would I start? I figured you folks would be able to help. TIA!

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    You need to find out what code they are using. I would contact the Code Enforcement or Fire Marshal's Office of the jurisdiction in question, and find out. It could be a code developed by the State of Texas, or they may have adopted something (example: The International Fire Code.) If they have adopted somthing, you need to find out what year. The International Fire Code is available for purchase at www.iccsafe.com

    If it is a state code, you could probably obtain a copy through the State Fire Marshal's Office, probably for a fee.
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      That is very helpful, thank you!


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        Go for it...

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          First is the place you are asking about in an incorporated city or in the county??

          If in the county area they may not have a fire code

          If in a city check first with the fire department and if they do not give you an answer, which they should, call the city secretary, they are suppose to have a copy on hand if adopted!

          Do you mind saying what city it is??

          Or do you have a specific fire code question???


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            It's actually not for me. A friend's apartment burned down (the whole building), a lamp got knocked over and caught the carpet on fire (regular lamp, not a halogen). It was ruled accidental, but she's worried that she will get sued by the other tenants because it started in her apartment.

            The fire started in her apartment, but traveled through the attic to the other apartments. I know that a lot of codes require firewalls between units in attic spaces, although the codes are different everywhere and the building could be grandfathered in. Presumably they had regular fire inspections. Also, I know the carpet in apartments has to be to a certain degree fire retardent. Nothing could come of it, but I figure if she does get sued, the building could hold some responsibility (on top of the lamp manufacturer and maybe the city if the inspections weren't done properly). I know where to get fire codes here in Ohio, but not in Texas. Not sure of the exact city, or if it is a township, etc. where the building was actually located.

            That was probably way too much information Thank you all for your help.


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              http://www.tcfp.state.tx.us/home/FAQ...building_codes is from the TX Commission on Fire Protection office, which basically states the only statewide standard is inspections are done based on NFPA 101. Notice, it says nothing about enforcement, just inspections.

              It says other than that, it is up to the community you are in.


              NFPA 101 is 469 pages of thriller. Page turning excitment. Ok, maybe not.


              is about the inspections, but I suspect if the building was older than 1987 it won't apply.
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                Originally posted by citykity77 View Post
                Also, I know the carpet in apartments has to be to a certain degree fire retardent.
                Other than having to meet minimum standards for smoke and flame spread indexes (wall coverings have to meet ASTM E-84 IIRC) I don't believe carpet has te be fire retardant. If you have this requirement or standard in writing, can you please quote the source?
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                  Yes she can be sued. But if she does not have any money not much reason to

                  More then likely she will not be sued

                  As far as the building

                  Depends on when it was built

                  How big it is

                  And once again if it was built in a city

                  Texas let's cities adopt their own building codes and most now are under some edition of the international codes

                  Also not all cities do annual inspections of apartments

                  Without alot more info on the building a set of code books will not do any good


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