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    Looking to get a multiool and knife anyone have any recommendations? Looked at fire store and they have a lot... Does leather man have a firefighter model? I see they have military for fixing guns... Thanks!

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    Check out www.thefirestore.com great selection and service. Quick delivery!!

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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      Originally posted by SHU93 View Post
      Looking to get a multiool and knife anyone have any recommendations? Looked at fire store and they have a lot... Does leather man have a firefighter model? I see they have military for fixing guns... Thanks!
      Get something that fits you. For the most part and multi-tool will function fine for what you are going to use it for around the station, etc.

      If you are looking for a more firefighter geared tool, something like the channel lock multi-tool, get it. However, such a tool is bigger and intended for fireground use, not really the same thing as a multi tool.

      If looking for a knife, you can also find one pretty cheap, a serrated blade works fine for many uses you may encounter. Both a knife and multi-tool you may find at a local hardware store or home improvement store.

      Just remember the rig should be carrying most essential tools you will be needing for any fireground job.
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        Yes I am looking for a knife and tool to carry on calls and is safe while on the fire ground...


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          multi tools

          Best firefighter tool is Smith & Wesson seatbelt blade with spring loaded ***** punch.


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            For a knife I highly recommend a spring assissted style openner....easy to use with one hand and with gloves on.....there are many such knives out there that include a glass punch as well as seat belt cutter.....they are not expensive (although you could spend alot if you want to) and most are 440 stainless....you'll find one for less than $15 easily. I figure it is an easy replacement if lost, but certainly a value to have in your pants pocket.

            I like Gerber for their multi-tool......I like the way the jaws slide out rather than having to swing open with two hands like a leatherman does.

            I am sure there are numerous suggestions....just find something that is comfortable, lightweight, stainless and easy for YOU to use.


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                I've yet to have an issue with my Leatherman Wave. I've put it through plenty of hard work, both in the Marines and in the fire service. Getting to the blades with a flick of the thumb and not having to unfold the tool is basically a necessity. I checked Leatherman's site, and there are a few they consider "emergency tools". Here's the link:


                None are truly specific to fire/EMS, but they'd all find a use.


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                  Go to K-Mart, Cabellas, Gander Mountain, or any similar store and buy a multi-tool and a knife. It is the same as you would buy from a fire supplier for a whole lot less money.
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                    I love my gerber hinderer rescue knife!

                    Seriously...I got the basic rescue knife from Academy...it was $20 less than firestore.com...and I used the heck out of the oxygen key.

                    Yeah I cut a seatbelt here and there...but having an o2 key on your knife in your pocket is just convenient.

                    I just got the CLS (combat life safer) version...its basically the same knife...just all black and with a point on the end instead of the stubby version on the red one.

                    All in all...it's been a great tool...and by far my favorite knife.

                    Good luck,

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                      If you're getting a multi-tool, get a good quality item. I've gotten some as handouts at trade shows and they were just short of dangerous, in no small part because they lacked any sort of latching system.

                      More importantly, get something you're going to use. No sense carrying around a toolbox if all you're ever going to use is the screwdriver and pliers...

                      If you're not sure what you need, maybe you should pick this one up...

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                        And do you research and get American (100%) made


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                          Leatherman Wave
                          As stated above, easy open blade on outside of body, stands up to alot of abuse.....due for a new set of plier heads after a tough 5 years of use


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                            i strongly suggest a "6 in 1" screwdriver tool.

                            the screwdrivers are obviously useful. the nut drivers will come in handy more often than you could imagine.

                            it is also very important to have the knife but i find i use the driver more often.
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                              A basic Leatherman and a set of wire cutters is all you need.
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