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Prepping a structure for live burn

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    Starting with the exterior.
    Remove the window AC unit upstairs, get that tin chimney pipe down, get the power company to remove the service drop back to the pole.
    Those stairs from the lean to porch look a little shakey and might need some reinforcing to make them safe for FF exiting with gear + hose lines. I'd get the little gas stove out of there and open the boarded up doorway and equip it with a hinged plywood exit.

    Inside upstairs : remove the ceiling fan , it will fall and hurt someone, in the kitchen remove the fluorescent light fixture the old ballasts were hazmat when burned. Make sure the wall cabinets are securely fasted to the wall studs, they hurt when they land on your back.

    The stairs to the second floor are borderline being strong enough to support an interior team and have no banister to prevent falling off the side in heavy smoke conditions.

    Is there a basement or is it a crawlspace underneath? Make sure to sound the floor well before starting to burn, looking for soft spots.

    Leave the bathtub in place and use it as your burn barrel. Old cast iron tubs take a lot of heat.


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      Originally posted by ChiefKN View Post
      We actually performed one of these about 15 or more years ago. NJ had lots of hurdles to jump then, its even worse now.

      We had to do some modifications to the structure itself (as has been mentioned by others).

      Last bit of advice, always use the "reasonable" test, because that is what you will be held to, should something go wrong.

      Be conservative and take no risks.

      You're a reasonable and bright guy (from what I've picked up on here), but beware of others with "ideas".

      Oh and take pictures and post here!
      Thank you for the compliments Sir, I Had good Teachers here. I Plan on buying my own Helmet Cam for this Burn.

      Originally posted by dday05 View Post
      You could skip the 2nd story for burning but who says you can't use it for just some hose advancement drills or even some search drills on training night or something?
      I think that is what will happen with the up stairs, It will be sealed off and used for throwing ladders and a second story VES.
      Originally posted by dday05 View Post
      I for got to say I like the bricks they have stacked up to compliment the fire place.

      It would be nice to use the room the fire place is in as a burn room but that looks like a little bit of head scratching there with the steps to the 2nd floor to worry about...
      After looking at this house i can't believe we haven't been here yet, look at how the chimney is routed right out under the eaves.( The Side with 2 Tree's on it, Should be in the first set of pics.) The wood burning stove, the general construction/ maintenance and the Wiring in that place, Good god its scary.

      Thanks for the thoughts Boys and Girls, Keep them coming!
      Courage, Being Scared to Death and Saddling Up anyways.


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