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Berwyn Heights VFD in PG County

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  • Berwyn Heights VFD in PG County

    Im not trying to start any controversy, but I just tryin to find out some info on Berwyn Heights PG Station 14. I looked at there site and there aint to many stats or pictures of there rigs etc. I was wondering if any knows if they see alot of fire, rescues, or whatever? Any info would be great. I am also lookin for info on Silver Hill PG Station 29. Thank you

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    Berwyn Heights operates two heavy rescue squads, a tiller truck and an ambulance. They dont run alot of fires although they do catch a fair amount.........maybe 40 a year or so give or take.....( someone from 14 correct me if im wrong ) however they do run alot of auto extrications probably more than any other squad in the county and they do a good job on those. As far as silver hill 29......engine and ambulance only.....basically an all career station........very little volunteer participation but very very busy and alot of fire to be caught. Just a little info on those two companies for you. Im sure more will add to this as the forum grows


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      I heard Silver Hill catches alot of fire.

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        Silver Hill co. 29 runs 2 engines an ambulance and medic unit out of there station. There ambulance is one of the busiest if not the busiest in PG county, I believe 4000 calls a year. For that reason there are not that many volunteers at that station.

        Berwyn Heights Co. 14 does exactly what SMD says we do. We only go to approximately 40 fires a year,,,,,but we go to the most extrications (not just accidents) in PG county in a year. Our website is undr construction, we just changed webmasters not to long ago b/c of some issues.


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          Does 14 double pull, and are they looking at gettin another pumper (reason I ask that is I see on there web page they just got rid of a rescue/pumper?) Thanks for the response


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            Historically (Before the county added squads to every fire assignment) BHVFD ran the truck for the area and Branchville and Greenbelt ran the engines. Branchville is 3/4 miles one way and Greenbelt is 1 1/2 miles the other. In the '80s and '90s, when the whole county was burning, we were a truck to be reckoned with, and still take great pride in "doing truck work right" in a county known for very aggressive _engine_ work. We're still one of the few trucks around that you can reasonably count on getting ladders up and the roof open, though we've slipped some in recent years. We're located in one of the most affluent "urban" areas of PG County, and the last 10 years of good economy has kept us from getting the fires companies in the southside see. Since we began running the special services around here, several other companies have been put in service, cutting our response area (13 is the THIRD squad that will take area from us).

            As far as double pulling, we generally attempt to staff one piece with 7 rather than two with 3 & 4.

            As far as the pumper...we may or may not get a real "mini" pumper (as opposed to our old mini pumper) Of course, who knows what might happen now!


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