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Ind. Firefighter Suspended for Bar Room Arrest

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    Originally posted by Dickey View Post
    In my department, our SOG's state if you are arrested for any criminal activity, you are placed on administrative leave from duty pending the investigation and the resolution of the charges.
    I thought in your department the punishment was to be beaten with lutefisk?

    Sorry...forum drift.
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      We had a similar thing happen where one of our guys got arrested for getting in to a fight and wound up in jail overnight. He ended up with a couple of days off without pay.

      The issue I have with this topic are the cities that can and will suspend or terminate a person, even if the person is found not guilty. They say they can do this if the incident tarnishes the department's image. Maybe I'm still too stuck in my IAFF days, but if I were to get fired for something that a court ultimately found I didn't do, I'd be suing.


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        My opinion..

        Using the meds as an excuse is lame, even if there is some truth to it. If this firefighter is really a stand-up guy like his partners say he is then he would own his mistake. Drunkenness, however it comes to be, is never an excuse for poor behavior.

        Everyone screws up at one point or another. If there is no pattern of poor behavior then the dept. should give him a slap on the wrist and he should accept it, end of story.

        Trying to weasel his way out not only further tarnishes his image but it keeps the incident from just going away.

        BTW, where were his 'friends' when this was going on.
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          Originally posted by ChiefKN View Post
          I thought in your department the punishment was to be beaten with lutefisk?

          Sorry...forum drift.
          Holy balls!! I choked on my lefsa laughing so hard!!!

          And you are half correct....the punishment isn't being beaten with lutefisk, you have to eat it!!!

          And we now continue with the normally scheduled thread....already in progress.
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            Blaming it on meds !!??.. WTF.. Lame excuse for crappy character as a person.

            Sounds like he is in denial that he is an *********.. even without the drugs or booze.

            Oh, that "going for the officers weapon" thingy?... hmmmm.. I would of seriously thought about shooting him... and I would of slept just fine with that decision. What if he managed to retrieve the weapon from the officers holster? Wow..

            He should of been $hit-canned .. period. Friggin' public menace.. NOT a firefighter


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              Our PDP (progressive discipline policy) requires that a member convicted of a misdemeanor crime be given time off with pay for the first offense and may be suspended without pay following a hearing. Any member convicted of a criminal charge above misdemeanor will be suspended without pay and continued employment will be determined by a hearing. Our policy allows for time off with pay if merely charged with a crime. This is to ensure that crimes that will have an immediate negative impact on the FD as a whole can be addressed without harshly punishing the member prior to proving his/her guilt. A charge of rape comes to mind.

              In this case it seems that the punishment fits the crime and the policy as agreed upon by Labor/Management. This is clearly because a policy was in place prior to the offense. Poorly managed policies and contracts lead to either unfair/uneven discipline or an inability to properly discipline a member for a given offense.

              As for the difference between applicants and current members? Clearly we must steer clear of known problems within reason in the case of new hires, but current members should be granted some latitude based on their service. An exemplary employee can make a mistake which is totally out of character and holding him/her to the same standard as a "stranger" seems to say that we're not Brothers/Sisters, we're merely fellow employees. I'm not saying members can't be properly disciplined and put onto a "probationary status" with higher scrutiny as part of a post hearing plan, but firing anyone we wouldn't hire int he first place? A little harsh short of felonious activity or crimes against other FD members.
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                What ever happened to an ADULT taking responsibility for their actions , either on the job or off?
                I'm sure he's glad to take a month suspension in light of the fact that he could have been fired, or worse shot by the officer.


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                  Sounds like he got extraordinarily lucky with a large amount of professional courtesy shown his way with the reduction of the charges. Joe Blow the citizen probably would have gone down for all of originals.

                  Take the 30 days, and on Day 31 walk into the firehouse like it's your first day.


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                    Some of you seriously need to READ the article ... or read the replies, as some members actually pointed out the same thing I am. Seems to me like Musselman HAS taken responsibility for his actions and is accepting his punishment humbly.

                    "It's been a rough five and a half months," Musselman said Wednesday, holding back tears. "If I leave here with a 30-day suspension, that's not bad."
                    but Musselman said he was comfortable with the chief's recommendation.
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