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    Originally posted by SkullKrusher2010 View Post
    I got one of those TheFireStore versions and it sucks.. Go with Save-A-Jake and never look back. That is what I got.
    Agreed. The Sav-A-Jake is MUCH better.


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      Maglite makes a new small LED that I have decided to go with. Its called a XL50 or XL100. Push button on the back and fits right into the J-003 Black Jack mount. I am LOVING mine. The light is half the price of Streamlights and has a great warranty! That is my suggestion for everyone.

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        Ya I love my streamlight on my helmet. Don't use it in fires, but use it at MVAs all the time. Nobody can drive in my district at night.
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          Originally posted by GVFD5 View Post
          Maglite makes a new small LED that I have decided to go with. Its called a XL50 or XL100.

          They make two models, the XL50 and the XL100. Both are identical in size, 1" diamater and 4.8" long. Both run on three AAA batteries.

          The XL50 is 104 Lumens and will run for 8 hours, 45 minutes on high with new batteries. It also has a low power (25%) setting and a strobe. All are selectable through the number of clicks you do on the switch. Sold in most shops for around $25.00. Detailed review can be found here:


          It is worth a read considering it points out the issue of standby battery life.

          The XL100 is 83 Lumens (Although testing indicates it's the same as the XL50, 104 Lumens) and will run for 5 hours, 15 minutes on high with fresh batteries. It has a variable power setting but the way it is adjusted is impractical for helmet mounting. It has a motion feature much like an Iphone where you move the flashlight in your hand while depressing the button. The 5 setting are as follows:

          Normal Mode (Basic On-Off)
          Adjustable Brightness with Memory

          Strobe Mode
          Adjustable Strobe Rate with Memory

          Nite Liteā„¢ Mode
          Automatically Dims to a Low Setting

          Signal Mode
          User initiated signal on-off

          SOS Mode
          Signals International Morse Code SOS

          Prevents accidental operation

          These features seem like a waste on a helmet light, so i would suggest the XL50 of the two. Average price on the XL100 is $35.00

          An excellent, very detailed review of the XL100 can be found here:


          Originally posted by GVFD5 View Post
          The light is half the price of Streamlights and has a great warranty! That is my suggestion for everyone.
          In fairness, you say it's "Half the price of Streamlights" yet Streamlight makes no comparable light to this in terms of design or battery type. The closest they make size wise to the Maglite XL series which uses the same Blackjack mount you are using is the PolyTac LED. It's length is just over 5". So not even an inch longer then the Maglite. And it is MUCH brighter. The run time is less though. And the Maglites are not submersible. They are "rain proof". The Streamlight is submersible to 30 meters.

          And as for the MagLite having a better warranty then Streamlight? Both Maglite and Streamlight have identical warranties. Lifetime excluding physical abuse and battery corrosion.

          And what about price, you say the Maglite is "Half the price of the Streamlight"? The Streamlight PolyTac LED sells for $34.00 in most shops. So at most, it's less then $5.00 more then the Maglite.

          If i was going to use a 1" diamater light on my helmet with a Blackjack mount, i would would much rather have the Streamlight. It's lighter, It's brighter, has no electronic switch and is totally waterproof.


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            You can't advertise on the forums it is against forum rules.
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              Ah, so that is why three flashlight threads appear at the top this morning. Jay with Spartan Shield Lights is here! This deserves its own thread.


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