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Neighborhood Association needs help on station closing

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    Originally posted by jasondart View Post
    Understandable, but wouldn't 1710 be a standard that a combo department strive to meet.
    It might be nice to "strive to meet it" but that doesn't change the fact that it is written specifically to apply to substantially all career departments. Calling your department "substantially career" would be a bit of stretch that I don't think can be reasonably supported. I honestly don't think you're going to get much traction pursuing that argument.

    From my research, if you are a combination department, the authority having jurisdiction over your department makes the decision which standard your department is going to use.
    It really isn't an AHJ sort of decision. The department is what it is. In your case it's simply not "substantially career;" you're heavily reliant on your volunteers.

    If you really want an answer to this one; ask the 1710 committee through their staff rep. Steve Sawyer (rep for both 1710 & 1720) can give you an unofficial answer or, if you really feel the need, you can formulate a request for a formal interpretation. Be warned that they may decline to make a formal interpretation specifically for a single department.

    The 1710 committee just finished their revision cycle last year and won't be having regular revision meetings again for a few years. However, they're scheduled for a special meeting in a couple of weeks. I'll ask around for unofficial opinions if that helps.

    The department may fall under both 1710 and 1710 day vs night.
    Assuming you meant both 1710 and 1720; a department is either one or the other. Neither standard provides language about mixing and matching. A department might choose to "strive to meet" the provisions of both standards in some way but that's outside the scope of both standards.

    Seeing as the City Manager seems to be in charge of these decisions (no Fire Chief) I can see why they would choose 1720. Less $ and less liability.
    It doesn't work that way. The fire department is what it is based on how the city chooses to staff it. They don't arbitrarily "choose" 1720; 1720 is just the standard that's applicable to the department staffing that they've already chosen.

    Did the response times really change?
    Response times will change any time you relocate a station. But you have to consider the city's perspective that, while they may increase slightly for your neighborhood, they're going to decrease for the neighborhood near the former station 2.

    You already mentioned fire load and frequency factors; are you sure that those factors aren't already in play? Maybe they indicate that the new location is more favorable overall for the city's only fully staffed station.
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      Problem that I see is that there aren't enough stations in plan......

      1. Leave the Station at Approx. 15th and Madison.

      2. Build the one on 22 between Agusta and Victory.

      3. Build one on Riverfront near Warren.

      4. Build one on County 16 around Red Oak.

      If Someone asked me To Consult on a Station Site Location Plan, that would be my Thoughts.....

      (I am available to Consult, but nobody can afford Me..... )
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