a brief reminder:
i am trying to organise an exchange to usa/canada for up to one year, starting august 2012.

i have made a contact in canada that looks good but i have also come across other irish firefighters who are interested to exchange to canada and usa, all in west ireland (galway, limerick and cork cities). these lads have come to me because i have undetaken alot of research into international exchanges and have written up exchange proposals, application forms, deeds of exchange, contracts and proposed induction courses , and sought information from immigration/visa people, our union, and insurance companies. . Also because these guys, like me, have families and figured an exchange was beyond them. (of course it isnt, especially if you exchange from usa/canada to ireland which is alot closer than australia/NZ - should you need to go home for any family emergency etc etc)

any potential american/canadian firefighter looking to exchange would need to have a fire dept that supports the idea (a family that supports the idea - very important) and a home that is suitable for kids - cos all these guys are hauling wife and kids!

if you are interested drop me an email : [email protected]