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    Originally Posted by madden01
    "and everyone is encouraged to use Plain, Spelled Out English. I thought this was covered in NIMS training."


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      According to local sources this IS indeed real.


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        Is this a common thing up there? Can anyone just up and start thier own fire department when and where they want to?
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        Originally posted by Rescue101
        I don't mind fire rolling over my head. I just don't like it rolling UNDER my a**.


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          Originally posted by GTRider245 View Post
          Is this a common thing up there? Can anyone just up and start thier own fire department when and where they want to?
          I can't say as I've ever seen in here, but that's not to say it couldn't happen.

          I remember a lumber yard in another county that still had a number (and apparatus) in the county system when I lived there in the 70's. I never heard them on the air, though.

          Then there was the "Rail City" fire department - one of the first theme parks - which was in that county's mutual aid system with an Ahrens-Fox or two and a wooden aerial.

          Since fire departments don't have the same "exclusive territory" laws as EMS squads usually do, it's not inconceivable that someone could start up a fire department pretty much anywhere. As long as they meet all appropriate requirements, what the heck.

          I've always thought it would be interesting to buy an engine and an aerial as a collector and get them put on the county mutual aid plan, if I could find folks to staff them.
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            This is very funny....I really hope its a joke. He hasn't even completed any courses....says he missed a burn for FF1...

            So he went out and appointed himself Chief and took out a loan to finance??

            Also found other website than the one originally posted...



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              Reminds me of the Flinstones episode with the "Joe Rockhead" vol. f.d.


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                As the late Myron Cope would say, "Double-Yoi!!!!!!!" and maybe even a Triple-Yoi!

                In case you aren't familiar with Myron



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                  I love his photoshoped chief's buggy
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                    Also read this from a local website:



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                      The "Fire Chief" attempts to rally the locals on his side too:


                      Some of the best reading in a long time....
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                        I can't tell if this for real, but you just can't make this stuff up.

                        In the past, new fire departments would be created by people that felt the need in areas that had no protection. This was usually a community mission and depended upon sanction from the State, County and Locals.

                        But in the last 35 years, I have never heard of a new company springing up within the jurisdiction of an existing department. I do not see how it could possibly receive sanction from the State or County, let alone the jurisdiction.

                        So I have to think that this guy is operating on another dimension, possibly the 4th or 5th.

                        He was denied the opportunity to become a firefighter and officer, so he felt the need to start his own department. I would consider this kind of individual dangerous, to the public and anyone who buys into this venture. It is obvious that there is a power trip at play here.

                        Most of us know the tremendous amount of money it takes to support a department. It also takes experience and skill. I don't think there is anywhere that a self professed dreamer can operate in the fire service. I don't care how much it means to someone, how determined or how driven one is, you must follow the rules to play in the real world.

                        If I wanted to become a concert pianist today, would it not be prudent for me to learn how to play the piano first. The danger may not be the same, but I have been known to kill a few ears with my music skills.

                        So I can only hope his burning desire to follow this dream fizzles out. If he wants to be a firefighter, get with the program and pay his dues. But for anyone that already knows him, his opportunity is very limited.

                        We can joke about this all day long, but this is quite serious. It is the kind of thing that gives all of us a bad name.
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                          Originally posted by waterboy1 View Post
                          Sounds like "Donna" from Bridge Caynon Az. has relocated to NJ

                          No, I think Donna could at least spell better than that

                          This guy sounds like a nut job. If you're going to have a website for your fire department I think it's bad form to feature pictures of other people's apparatus Of course, he is getting "prizes" on a Jeeps and Jimmys for a chief's vehicle. Good idea, make sure you get a chief's vehicle before you worry about an engine. Hell, I don't have a chief's vehicle.

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                            New Fire Company

                            If he tried to start this fire company in a rural area, he would probably succeed. Most rural areas would be happy to have a local fire company.

                            Since he is starting it in a metropolitian area covered by a unionized FD, he probably will get alot of flack.

                            Its too bad he could not put his ambition, time and effort into an explorer program, CERT Team or other similar endeavor.

                            I guess we will see what happens.


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                              Originally posted by FIRE117 View Post
                              Its too bad he could not put his ambition, time and effort into an explorer program
                              Are you kidding? Would you want that nutjob around kids?
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                                Originally posted by DeputyMarshal View Post
                                Are you kidding? Would you want that nutjob around kids?
                                Wouldn't you rather have him involved in a sideline position, such as explorers, CERT Team or similiar activity?

                                He has the ambition to do something in the fire service. Best to be a sideline position to keep him preoccuppied, rather than command a fire company!


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