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    “Answered Prayer”

    The engines enroute see the smoke so high,
    Hoping to arrive, before someone had died,
    The smoke was so black and dense throughout
    Death was near beyond anyone’s doubt

    But as my daughter prepared sleep,
    She knelt down and prayed on both knees,
    She prayed to the Lord to keep me by her side,
    She then said “I love you Daddy” and kissed me goodnight,

    I leaned into her, to embrace her small kiss,
    “I love you too muffin” as my heart filled with bliss,
    We hugged each other and I tucked her in
    She rolled to her side as I touched her soft skin

    I can’t leave her side, feeling as I must stay,
    But as the morning sun rose, I had started to fade,

    Her mother shakes her and she slowly awakes
    She rolls over, still in a sleepy haze
    My wife with tears falling from her eyes,
    Now tells her, that daddy died last night

    But mommy she said, daddy was here,
    He tucked me in bed and he sat right there,
    I kneeled and prayed with daddy last night,
    He gave me a kiss and turned off the lights

    Mommy she said, why did daddy go away?
    She replied, there was a fire and there were lives to save,
    Someone is alive today because of your dad
    And if he was here, he’d say don’t be so sad,

    Your daddy was a fireman, who wasn’t afraid of danger,
    He gave his life, so he could save strangers,
    That’s what firemen are made of inside,
    They are filled with love, honor and pride.

    © 2010 David P. Kristofek, All rights reserved.

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