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Converting Classroom to Bunk Room - Help Needed!

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  • Converting Classroom to Bunk Room - Help Needed!

    We are an industrial fire department that is considering going from a 12 hour shift schedule to a 24/48 schedule.

    We have a large classroom that is split down the middle using a temporary wall divider to make two separate classrooms.

    The east classroom has one door leading to a hallway.

    The west classroom has two doors, one to the same hallway, one to the kitchen.

    We want to convert the west classroom to a bunk room.

    We will need to divide this classroom in half, making a women's room and a men's.

    The question is, when we divide this classroom, do we need to make TWO means of egress (two doors) on each the men's and women's side to stay within building codes.

    A maximum of 5 people will be on station sleeping at any given time. We currently only have two women on the roster, but the room sizes will be the same.

    See images of the classroom we are thinking about converting here:

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    Leave the women at home cleaning house and you won't have to worry about it!!!! Bahahahahaha.
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      As long as you leave the axe on the wall it can be used to provide a secondary means of egress if needed.


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        What's up with the DOT placards?


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          FireRescue61, Its a classroom, they are posted for HazMat classes. It beats having plain white walls


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            Originally posted by FireRescue61 View Post
            What's up with the DOT placards?
            Did you somehow miss the whole "we are an industrial fire department" thing?

            OP, check your local codes. Are you considering putting in more temp. walls or building permanant ones?
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              We have discussed either way -- up for suggestions right now.


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                I went through this about two years ago at another department.

                Yes they will need separate doors. This is for the privacy factor and code. This touches on a moral obligation to do the correct thing for the protection of the firefighters personal expectation of privacy when dealing with the opposite sex.

                I'm not sure when we will adopt a unisex bunk arrangement for the Fire Service. But, it is already happening in EMS.

                Good Luck.
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                  I hear painting a dorm in dark blue is very soothing.

                  Glad I could help.
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                    You need either a window or door directly to the outside from each sleeping area

                    Is this building under a city jurisdiction?? If do contact the building department


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                      One big matress and a bunch of pillows.
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                        Originally posted by johnny46 View Post
                        One big matress and a bunch of pillows.
                        You have seen our EMS bunkroom?
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                          issue unisex pjs and just have a unisex bunk room.


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                            What are the dimensions of the room to be sub-divided into bunk rooms?
                            that will give a lot better idea of how to make it work.
                            Also are both women on same shift?
                            If the room is wide enough made it into a row of cubicles with sliding pocket doors on each cubicle opening onto the common hall which will give access to both egresses.
                            More ideas after you get the dimensions.


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                              Originally posted by nameless View Post
                              issue unisex pjs and just have a unisex bunk room.
                              I know this is a serious issue and we should not make light of it......


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