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    My department is evaluating how we currently pick vacation for 24 hr shift personnel. I am asking for a copy of your vacation selection policy. For this data to assist us we need how much vacation accrual is earned. Do you have a minimum number of days that have to be taken? Is there a cap on vacation accrual? If you are able to assist please email [email protected] with information. Thank you for your consideration.

    Jim Gower
    Newport News Fire Department, Virginia

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    ARTICLE 30
    Employees covered by the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding shall be granted such vacation time as set forth by the Ordinances of the City of Memphis and in accordance with the following schedules based on the employee’s length of continuous service:

    Years of Service Vacation Period 24-Hr. Shift
    1 but less than 6 4 weeks 9 shift days
    6 but less than 7 4 weeks, 1 day 10 shift days
    7 but less than 8 4 weeks, 2 days 11 shift days
    8 but less than 9 4 weeks, 2 days 11 shift days
    9 but less than 10 4 weeks, 2 days 11 shift days
    10 but less than 11 5 weeks 12 shift days
    11 but less than 12 5 weeks, 1 day 12 shift days
    12 but less than 13 5 weeks, 2 days 13 shift days
    13 but less than 14 5 weeks, 2 days 13 shift days
    14 but less than 15 5 weeks, 2 days 13 shift days
    15 and over 6 weeks 14 shift days

    Years of Service Work Days Per Calendar Year
    1 but less than 6 10 days
    6 but less than 7 11 days
    7 but less than 8 12 days
    8 but less than 9 13 days
    9 but less than 10 14 days
    10 but less than 11 15 days
    11 but less than 12 16 days
    12 but less than 13 17 days
    13 but less than 14 18 days
    14 but less than 15 19 days
    15 but less than 17 20 days
    17 but less than 19 21 days
    19 but less than 21 22 days
    21 but less than 23 23 days
    23 but less than 25 24 days
    25 and over 25 days
    Available vacation periods (lines) will be distributed to bargaining unit personnel by November 1.
    Vacations shall be administered in each Bureau/Division of the Memphis Fire
    Department on a seniority basis, one vacation period at a time. The number of
    employees off on vacation in a given period of time shall be determined by the Fire Division to assure orderly operation of the Department.


    The alloted number of people that are allowed to be off on any given day is determined by management prior to picking vacations. Management also decides when vacation lines will begin and end - meaning we do not pick single days. For example, if you have 9 vacation days, you get (3) 3 days vactions or (3) 3 day sets off. Ten days of vacation will be (2) 3 day sets and a 4 day. The 4 day will either be the last day of a 4 day set and the following 3 work days or a 3 day set and the first of the next 3 day. 11 vacation days is (2) 3's and a 5 day. ALL vacations are broken down into 3, 4, or 5 days vacations.

    Vacations are picked by Division per senority. Senior man gets his first pick and then it goes to the next man and so on through through the battalions picking. Once everyone has picked one, it starts over with the senior man.

    Everyone gets on a radio channel and normally one fire station will coordinate the picks with some BC's and maybe the DC. Normally takes 5 - 6 hours to get the entire next years worth of vacations picked.
    cell #901-494-9437

    Management is making sure things are done right. Leadership is doing the right thing. The fire service needs alot more leaders and a lot less managers.

    "Everyone goes home" is the mantra for the pussification of the modern, American fire service.

    Comments made are my own. They do not represent the official position or opinion of the Fire Department or the City for which I am employed. In fact, they are normally exactly the opposite.


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      Jim, I'll send you the highlights of our leave accrual and vacation policies when I get to work tomorrow.
      Career Fire Captain
      Volunteer Chief Officer

      Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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        I'll see if I can get the actual policy when I'm at work, but here's the meat of it:

        New guy currently gets 6 days (24-hr shift) after his first year. Eventually builds up to 12 days after about 15 years of service.

        When we bid, we go strictly by seniority, regardless of rank or position. The first go, we can bid half our days, full days only. Second go around, we bid the remainder of full shifts, or if you choose to take a partial shift (4-, 8-, or 12-hours off), you can bid the same number of full days you have remaining (i.e. you have 3 24-hour shifts left, you can either bid 3 full days or 3 partial shifts). If you have any partials remaining, you can bid them in the third go around.

        Minimum staffing dictates how many people can be on vacation at once, but usually its 4 or 5 people. Vacation is use or lose. We can't carry any over to the following year (but sick time we can). Older guys have options to buy extra time based on the contract when they were hired.


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