Orange County Fire Rescue, FL is currently re-evaluating our current Firefighter Rehab response.

Our current model is staffed with a Firefighter who operates a Heavy Duty Chassis Non Walk-in vehicle with a generator, lighting, fans, coolers, nutritional snacks, drinks, chairs and medical monitoring capabilities that pulls a trailer with 2 Restrooms and showers. The unit responds on special calls as requested by the IC and long duration incidents.

We are seeking input from other departments on how they deal with Firefighter Rehab. If your department has a unit that responds for Firefighter Rehab we would like to get a copy of your current policy and specifications on the unit that you have. If your department does not have a unit, but deals with Firefighter Rehab in other ways we would like to know that as well.

Please reply to Battalion Chief Lee Reed by email to [email protected] or by phone at 407-383-9783.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Lee Reed
Battalion Chief
Orange County Fire Rescue Department
Orlando, FL

407-383-9783 Cell