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    What type of personal survival gear do you carry? Webbing, rope, knife...?

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      40 ft bailout rope, 22ft webbing, cable cutters, pocket knife 50/50 serated-not serated, 3 flashlights (coat mounted, helmet and a small pokcet sized light), 4 door wedges ( I know not many would consider that surival gear but isn't prevention the first step?), radio.


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        40ft bailout rope, heavy-duty wire cutters,pocket knife (completely serrated edge) three lights (shoulder strap lantern,right angle light,small pocket Streamlight-Stinger) 2-15ft webbing, several lightsticks(snap and glow things)shoveknife,doorchocks, greasepens(to mark doors)


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          I tell young members that I come across to go here. http://www.allhandsfire.com/Tools-Eq...cket-Tools#p:1

          It's always good to see it to determine if you need it.

          The basics are mentioned above - knife, wire cutters, webbing (I like 25-30 feet), folding spanner wrench, small back-up flashlight, extra hood, carabiner, electrical tape, door chocks...


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            Most of the already mentioned plus + Last Chance Rescue Filter


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              50' Bail Out system with Crosby hook and F4 Descender mounted on harness.

              3 Flashlights. One in my coat pocket, Survivor on my coat and a Nitex on my helmet.

              Sav-A-Jake in my coat pocket. Great tool with many uses.

              Channelock Linemans type rescue tool in pants pocket.

              20' length of kevlar webbing with two biners in pants pocket.

              Folding serrated blunt tip knife in coat and pants pocket. They cost less then $10.00 each.

              Assorted chocks, shove knife, etc.


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                25 foot kevlar webbing, 8 foot of rope with biners at each end.(used when doing search and rescue primarly), linemans cutters, two flashlights,letherman tool, and of course a radio.Something i also take inside that can save your life (im sure most everyone does) is.....common sense. lol
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                  I'm getting ready to get myself set up with 40' Bailout Rope with 2 carabiners and a figure 8(braking device), webbing, and cutters of sometype..along with the norm that I carry, flashlight, radio, etc.
                  "First In, Last Out"


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                    4 Chaulks
                    1 25 ft Webbing tied into a loop with water knots
                    4 Flashlights (coat, helmet, belt, pocket)
                    1 Shove Knife
                    2 Knives, one in radio pocket on front of Coat, one in right bunker pocket
                    1 Wire Cutter in each bunker pocket, with a webbing grab strap hanging out
                    1 Channel Lock rescue tool


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                      Left pants pocket- 25 feet of webbing tied in a loop with a water knot with a carabiner and a radio. My department doesn't issue a fire radio to everyone, so if i don't have the hydrant radio (which includes fireground) I carry the EMS radio. I can't talk to fire, but if i get in a MAYDAY I can talk to SOMEONE.

                      Right pants pocket- Just got a pair of mini bolt cutters today, 8 inches with a lanyard loop that hangs outside of the pockets, 10 inch channel locks, Res-Q-Rench, 6-in-1 screwdriver, a dozen nylon zip ties, about 10 inches long, and two triangular wood chocks.

                      Left coat pocket is an extra pair of fire gloves under a pair of extrication gloves

                      Right coat pocket is an N95 mask, some extra nitrile gloves, and two pairs of safety glasses (one tinted, one not).

                      I have a Gerber river knife zip-tied to the side of my Streamlight Survivor flashlight hanging on the front of my coat. Easy to get too, never comes out until you need it. It has one side serrated, one side dull, and a dull point that can be used as a shove knife.

                      On my helmet I have a Streamlight rubber strap with a flashlight (one of those lithium ion powered polytac Steamlights it's awesome) two "Cherry bomber" door chocks, and a Catholic scapular. Inside my helmet I carry a pair of ear plugs, the kind that are attached to a u shaped piece of plastic and go in the ear canal.

                      I wear a 10 year old gut belt with a CMC double brake descender and 40 feet of Sterling PER rope attached to a CMC Flash hook inside a CMC bag. I also carry the piece of crap 3C flashlight the dept. issued me, attached with a high-end carabiner.

                      In the future, I plan on maybe switching to the Sterling F4, I'd like to try it out. Getting 50 ft of RescueTech rope (it's fire rated to 900 degrees), getting the Sterling lumbar bag, a Streamlight Vulcan Lithuim Ion LED light, and putting about 3 feet of clear tubing in my coat for a last ditch place to breathe some clean air. I'm also considering the gerber/fiskars cutters in the other pants pocket. The bolt cutters will get through anything, but only open about 1/4 to 1/2 wide at the widest point of the jaws.

                      I might drop the channels to save weight. I feel like I'm getting too heavy. Gotta work out more!


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                        Left pants: 25ft rope, 2 x 15ft webbing with carabiners

                        Right pants: fiskars snips, 4inch blade folding knife, pelican flashlight, trauma shears, 2 wood chocks, firefighting gloves

                        I carry the above in those places so I can get to them easily with the scba belt around the coat pockets. So they are my firefighting stuff. Coat pockets for more rescue related stuff.

                        Left coat: tiny adjustable wrench, snubby screwdriver with several bits in handle, battery post wrench

                        Right coat: leather work gloves

                        Radio pocket: safety glasses (bifocals now that I am old), EMS gloves, earplugs

                        Helmet: rubber strap, two wood chocks


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                          Helmet: Streamlight 2AA in the BlackJack holder. I keep a pair of ear plugs inside under the impact cap as well.


                          Radio pocket: Spring loaded lineman's pliers with a lanyard attached.

                          Right pocket: 4 door chocks, and a pair of trauma shears.

                          Left pocket: 12' loop of webbing tied in a loop with carabiner attached.

                          Inside pocket: Eye protection and 2 pair Nitrile gloves.


                          Webbing tied as a harness between the inner and outer lining.

                          Right pocket: Channelock cable cutters, 6-in-1 screwdriver, spring clamp.

                          Left pocket: Nightstick LED flashlight, 20' loop of webbing, utility/extrication gloves.

                          Structure gloves in a strap on the left side of pants.

                          Dept issued Bail-out bag clipped to SCBA contains 50' 8mm Sterling rope, small figure 8, and two carabiner's. I'm currently looking into purchasing my own system however.


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                            I find the longer I do this the less I want in my pockets. Currently it looks like this:

                            Right bunker pocket:
                            -Channellock Rescue Tool (model 89 I think)
                            -Channel locks pliers
                            -Multi-bit screwdriver.
                            -8' webbing and a carabiner

                            Left Bunker pocket:
                            -Extrication gloves
                            -Safety glasses

                            Right coat pocket
                            -door wedges (Yes, I can open the pocket freely with a pack on.)

                            I've got a light on my coat and my structure gloves hang on a strap to the front of my coat. I grab a radio off the truck and it goes in the radio pocket on the front of my coat. Hood is stored in my helmet.

                            I'm thinking about taking out the screwdriver and channel lock pliers. In the last 2 years I've used them exactly zero times. The screwdriver bits don't stay in their holder very well, luckily I don't have holes in my pockets! The Rescue Tool however I'm finding to be quite useful. I'm going through an SCBA confidence class now and that thing has come in quite handy. I did however grab the pliers once instead of the Rescue Tool during the class though so I want to eliminate that happening in a real situation.

                            Oops. Just realized this thread was specific to survival gear, not a generic whats in your pockets thread.


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