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Question about cone use of accident scenes.

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    Picture shows a light tanker fitted out with a raiseable curtain, text says "accident". It is placed upstreams and stays there, acts as a crash buffer. The two xenon strobes at the top of the curtain are pretty good at catching the attention of drivers, so rather that being a crash buffer, it's practically just an advance warning. With minor modifications, the tanker has become a good traffic incident tool.


    Furthermore, I must admire the German authorities on the german highway, the "Autobahn" with no speed limits, especially along A2, the deadliest road in Germany. They cut all traffic on the road until everything can be done safely, responders might have to drive "the wrong way" trough traffic.


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      My department utilizes traffic cones (upstream, thru and downstream) and a minimum of 3 apparatus spaced approxomatly 350-500 feet apart with directional arrow sticks on the trucks. All apparatus in our deparment carries a few traffic cones on it for this purpose. The only other real differance between your sketch and our SOP is that we position the "blocker unit" which is usually the Rescue/Extrication truck immediately upstream of the accident and the area downstream is reserved for incomming ambulances. Once the traffic control devices are in place all personnel are to work and/or stage to the off-traffic side of apparatus. The local and state police have worked great with us and when arriving on scene tuck in to the off-traffic side of the blocker unit. I also work for the Department of Tranportation and our department adopted and adapted this from the FHWA--Work Area Protection Manual and have had great sucess with it. Stay Safe...
      William C. Allison II
      Fire Captain
      Tazewell County Fire-Rescue


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        We run a light rescue and a medium rescue on all MVA's unless it is a road with 60 MPH speed limit or greater, then an engine also responds to be a traffic cone.

        We drop cones on every call unless we pull up and it's off the road and we can get in a driveway.


        • #19
          Cones are a traffic channeling devise. A fire truck parked along the road is not.
          I know it sound stupid but that is the fact.

          Driver can get out of the ticket saying the firetruck was not directing anything
          and was just there.

          With cones, they are nationally recognizable as a safety devise or barrier. Hold more water than just a truck.

          You should also be using signage. ROAD CLOSED- EMERGENCY SCENE AHEAD. This will allow motorists to slow down and reduce your chance of a secondary incident.


          • #20

            as a volly and also work for pa dot. the signs should be set up first at the distance specifyed for the road you are on most major 65 mph highways the signs should be a mile from the scene and at least 2 the first should be an accident ahead sign( or emergency ahead ) then a sign for right or left lane closed then about 500 feet before the scene the cones should start i put them out starting with the one closest to the out side of the lane closed then they should be 50 feet apart and tapered to the center line then a cone evey 100 feet down the center line to 100 feet past the last vehicle in the caned area and another taper back toward the outer lane thats about 100 feet long our dot has anaccident trailer set up to go and set this up if the dept involved calls for them . i can find out any of the distabces for sure if any one needs them or they can be found in what we use is pub. 213 it has all the different set ups for traffic control thanks


            • #21
              The Big Picture

              Two comments please.

              I love the above thread. We need to stop thinking like a fire department and start thinking like a road crew. You have all been by construction crews. they do not have 6 million flashing lights and a 80000ib block to protect workers. they properly inform drivers in advance so they can take the appropirate messures in responding to what you are asking. We have all driven past someone elses accident, and sometimes as a surpise when we have come around a blind corner. I always feel horible that i am still doing 50mph, but they did not give me time to slow. I have been doing this for 15years so yes i understand the inherent difficulties there are in setting a scene up like the road crews but that does not mean we should not be striving for this.

              my second comment is related to a previous thread also. Have any of your departments opened up discussion with ALL your area first responders? I am a Paramedic with one service and a FF paramedic in another district. It was my iniative in the district where i live to involve local Fire, police, tow operators and even the national park rangers into a training seminar. We are all on the road sharing the difficulties. How do you expect everyone to understand the issues if you dont share. It is not a fire department thing. infact my EMS agency was the one who showed the local Fire Departments a thing or two about highway safety. We now all work together to ensure the job gets done right. (that is why you need cones and a termination area so police, ems and other non-block fire apperatus have a designated staging area.)

              Thanks for the imput.


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