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Traffic vests or not?

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  • #61
    Originally posted by BKDRAFT View Post
    Sure is funny how you flip things around.
    I didn't flip anything around. You said it. And you're still a fool if you think it is that inconvenient. Maybe you don't give a crap about yourself, but I'm sure others do. I'm sure they'll feel better knowing you were comfortable and proudly protesting the vest laws when you get run over by a car and die.
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


    • #62
      I still say its a steamy pile of shi t from Crow..


      • #63

        Should have answers for all of the OP's questions...
        No good deed goes unpunished


        • #64

          since it is a fed. DOT law and they dp help when out on the road. the only time we don;t wear a vest is when we have bottle on or working on entrapment. all other times we wear them. it could save your life


          • #65
            Stop all the whining and excuse making and wear the vest. Every little bit of safety gear make it a little better for you. Remember..."Everyone Goes Home"


            • #66
              We are required to wear a department issued 6-point break away vest any time we are on any roadway unless wereing an SCBA.


              • #67
                Originally posted by bcjack View Post
                Remember..."Everyone Goes Home"

                "Complacency kills" is a much better phrase.


                • #68
                  We did this business long before vest were out. We had turnout gear, like today, that had reflective stripes on it. In fact we used the FDNY Style for years, until a newer Chief came on board and changed things.

                  Park the apparatus to block traffic that is approaching so that it does run into you or the operation going on.

                  We get very good cooperation from LEO's in Virginia.


                  • #69

                    i agree if there a mva or some thing that has to do with the road firefighters should wear there reflective jacket or vest

                    i even got my own vest but its orange and in a few days im going out to buy a large yellow vest for my turnout gear jacket to me safety first idc what people think when they look at me
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                    • #70
                      In my department....county we have to wear the bright yellow vests. Fire, EMS, and PD are required to wear them but we dont always. Its really just a pain in the *** because my department has bright yellow trucks and we always block off the whole road or if the highway block off all lanes but 1
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                      • #71
                        Originally posted by BKDRAFT View Post
                        Sure is funny how you flip things around.

                        That was the original argument of emt161. I was told benefits will be denied to me if I was killed on a highway without a vest.

                        Show me an incident where that has happened or something similarly has happened.
                        Yep, that's exactly the attitude the fire service should adopt.

                        "It hasn't happened yet, therefore it won't."


                        • #72
                          Originally posted by Jonnee View Post
                          We did this business long before vest were out.
                          W did the job long before SCBAs were out. Were those the good ol' days too?

                          We had turnout gear, like today, that had reflective stripes on it.
                          If you're going to suggest that the striping on fire-grimed turnout gear is the same striping as a vest that lives in the cab of a truck, there's really no point in debating the issue- you're just clueless.

                          It's also not the fact that there IS striping, it's how that striping is arranged. The Class II vests are specifically designed to create the impression of a human form when nothing else is visible except the stripes. Your turnout gear stripes won't do it- assuming they're not covered in soot to begin with.


                          • #73
                            While I have not personally seen or read about a denial/reduction of worker's comp benefits for not wearing your PPE (including a vest), the way the insurance business is going, there will be a time, (sooner than later) when you will be held accountable for your personal failure to use all of the appropriate PPE for a given situation.

                            Insurance companies have, for years, been apportioning responsibility for claims as have the courts. It is just a matter of time before governmental entities (your employers) and their worker's comp carriers (the insurance companies) begin to do the same.

                            The idea that YOU are responsible for your own safety has been out there for a long, long time, and we should take that to heart and use the safety gear we are provided to keep ourselves as protected as possible.

                            There will come a time when you will see reduced benefits, and/or the denial of benefits for on-the-job injuries/death because YOU contributed to your injuries/death due to a failure to use the appropriate PPE.

                            Our work takes us into hazardous situations on a regular basis, and we owe it to our brother and sister firefighters, our employers, the community we serve, and especially our families, to go home healthy and in one piece at the end of EVERY shift.



                            • #74
                              I prefer to wear either a turnout coat or EMS style reflective jacket. I generally would only wear the vest when it's warm out and I only have my duty uniform on. I see way too many guys with the vest on during fire suppression, I don't know what that's about. Personally, I think vests are generally overkill and ineffective. Setting up proper safety zones and blocking or even shutting down a road is going to save more lives. If they hit you and you weren't wearing a vest, you were probably where you shouldn't be, or they already missed a dozen other warning signs and would've hit you anyway.


                              • #75
                                Originally posted by BW21 View Post

                                If the people on the road driving don't see a giant fire engine with its lights on they probably won't see a vest.

                                The general rule on them is wear them anytime you're working in the road unless doing extrication and its getting in the way or doing any fire suppression... So I'm going to keep wearing mine
                                It isn't the firetruck I am afraid of getting hit. It is the safety personel that isn't as noticeable especialy with the distractions of lights etc...

                                Personally I vote for vests unless the coats with safety stripes are clearly noticable.


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