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Lightman Landing Zone Kit?

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  • Lightman Landing Zone Kit?

    Hello Forum:

    We are looking into purchasing a pair of Lightman Landing Zone kits. Obviously they are designed for use in outlining a landing zone, however, we would also like to use the strobes instead of road flares on a MVA scene.

    Has anyone used these strobes for this purpose? Did they work well?

    Trying to get more bang for the buck.

    Thanks very much for any input.


  • #2
    We have some kind of battery-powered doo-dads we use on the highway. They are more visible than cones and don't have to be replaced like flares. I do like them.

    We NEVER use any kind of marker lights on landing zones, and we probably do 20 LZ's a year. The chopper crews come and do a class with us every so often and they always discourage any sort of loose objects on the ground. I have seen 2 1/2" hose lift out of the bed from rotor wash!

    Conclusion: I haven't used that particular model but ours are comparable and I like them. Resist the temptation to use them on LZ's, pending agreement by your air medical providers.
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    • #3

      Thanks for the reply. We hardly ever do Air Evac landings, so, they will be used on the highway.

      Ordered a pair of kits today.

      Thanks again.



      • #4
        We only use them on a landing to mark obstructions, so the wash is not an issue. I have seen many try to make a circle for the helo, and that is fraught with problems.

        We have turboflares, that Air Evac bought us.

        The lightman lights - we buy those individualy for about 12 bucks a light, with the magnetic base, and slap them on signs to lead mutual aid or EMS into a scene.

        We much prefer the turboflares for a flare replacement, the lightman style lights do not work well for that.


        • #5
          Yes, they work well for regular flashes of light. And they are the right solution for use in outlining a landing zone. And you can go for them.

          Portable Light Towers for Heavy Duty Applications


          300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


          Upper 300x250