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What to take for RIT and FAST

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  • What to take for RIT and FAST

    I would like to get a general consensus from some people on what tools your departments require to be part of the FAST/RIT team when they enter the building. Thanks.

    William McCorkle FF/EMT-D

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    My department's RIT team is still in the training stage but we have worked out a basic equipment list that works for us.

    We have found in our training evoluntions it is very easy to try to take in too much.

    This is our minimun equipment list for a 4 person RIT team.

    Portable Radios 1 for each member

    SCBA(s) and face piece(s) to resupply the victim(s)

    Flat head axe and Halligan tool

    Thermal Imaging Camera

    Search Line or Hoseline

    Hand lights*

    *We are currently looking a the 90 degree clip on type so members don't have to carry bulky light boxes.

    Another thing we have read about and found very useful, chemical light sticks, tape them to the tools, full air cylinders, etc. It makes the stuff easier to find when visability is zero.

    Our team members have the following equipment as part of their personal equipment. Wire Cutters, 4 Door wedges, 20' or rope or webbing, knife.

    What to take also depends on what information is received when the RIT team is requested. If you it sounds like you need to take additional equipment grab your stokes basket. It makes a great equipment hauler, load it up with cribbing, jacks, airbags, saws, scba's or what ever you may need. Make a tow line with rope or webbing and it can be dragged behind the team as they search, used to shuttle in additonal equipment. But the trade off is the team will move slower due to the additional equipment.

    I hope this helps, I will be intrested to see the responces from others on this subject.

    Stay Safe


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      Aside from all the equipment don't forget an air cylinder for each type of SCBA on the scene and in my opinion and experience it is easier to have a whole pack not just the cylinder. Did you ever try ot change a cylinder in zero visibility while the person was holding their breath? And a saw. It is easier to breach a wall with one, also stage all this equipment close to the main enterance so you have it all when you need it. THE MOST important thing that you can have is a crew with EXPERIENCE not just classes. Why would you not send the best in to rescue you. NO JUNIORS. You need a crew that you do not have to be concerned with so that you can worry about the task they are trying to accomplish. Also when, God forbid, you have to send in the RIT team you had better put another team in place in case the original team gets into trouble.


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