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    I am continueing my research involving "How Dispatch Interacts with Rescue Workers in the City".
    Do you ever get two calls to different incidents at the same time, or does the dispatch direct these to other departments so that each call will have a full team?

    Do you have instances where only your Ladder Tender is called out?

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    In the town where I work if we are dispatched to a "double hit" and the first call requires all of the manpower available at that time there are three options that we, the Officer and dispatchers, can utilize.

    The first option: If a call uses up all of the ON DUTY personnel for the department ie. a working structure fire, the OIC has the option of putting out a recall page for manpower to report to the station. 90% of the time adequate OFF DUTY personnel respond to handle any incoming calls. This has worked very well for us in the past 5 years. Before that time we had to contend with option #2 due to poor turnout in times of need.

    Option #2: At the direction of the OIC, the dispatchers will mutual aid needed apparatus and personnel from a neighboring fire department. This works well for us also because of our good working relationships with our neighboring fire departments. There is less squabbling and territorial non-sense nowadays.

    Option #3: In a WORST CASE scenario, in the unlikely event that an additional call cannot be handled by our personnel due to NO turnout for recalls and the slim chance that the OIC would be involved in something where he couldn't get to a radio to notify dispatch to mutual aid from another f.d., we have an automatic plan that the dispatchers use. In the event that after 3 pages, timed 2 minutes apart.. a total of 4 minutes after the initial page, no fire department personnel or vehicles have called "on the air" or enroute... our dispatchers will automatically dispatch a mutual aid assignment for the closest fire department to handle the call. And even then when that had happened in the past... we still had a fire department vehicle make it to the call anyway.

    Scott Bock
    Munson Fire Department
    Munson, Ohio


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