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    Please e-mail me or post here your RIT/FAST SOP, DOG, SOG or whatever you call it....

    my e-mail is
    [email protected] or
    [email protected]
    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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    Here's ours:ORANGE VOL. FIRE CO.



    October 2, 2000

    To establish policies and procedures for fire department personnel functioning as members of a Rapid Intervention Team according to NFPA 1500, 6-5.

    Rapid Intervention Team – The designated rescue team at the scene of working structure fires or other hazard area entries. This team is designated to provide immediate available personnel for any possible need for rescue of department personnel operating at emergency incidents.

    1. The Orange VFC shall utilize the Rapid Intervention Team concept as standard practice for all appropriate emergency incidents working beyond the initial stage until the hazards of fire, IDLH atmosphere, and collapse have been alleviated.

    2. When there are more than two teams (four personnel using “2 in / 2 out” constitute one team) operating or assigned in the hot zone, the incident should no longer be considered in its initial stage and the Incident Commander must consider use of RIT.

    3. The RIT shall be established using available personnel or mutual aid units.

    4. An RIT shall normally consist of four (4) individuals (if activated they can provide their own “2 in / 2 out” until another RIT is established), but never less than two, and their equipment, and shall be readily available for rescue of a FD member or team.

    5. RITs shall be fully equipped with appropriate protective clothing, protective equipment, portable radio(s), SCBA, and any specialized rescue equipment that might be needed given the specifics of the operation underway including a second thermal imaging camera if available.

    6. The Incident Commander shall evaluate the situation and the risks to operating teams, and shall provide one or more RITs commensurate with the needs of the situation.

    October 2, 2000


    1. When units are operating on the emergency scene with more than two teams operating inside the hot zone, the Incident Commander shall consider the establishment of at RIT.

    2. If it becomes necessary for the Incident Commander to assign the RIT members to another function, another unit must be immediately assembled as the RIT.

    3. RIT duties and functions can only be reassigned to another RIT in the same manner as other assignments are transferred in the Incident Command System.

    4. One or more additional RITs should be assigned as necessary to maintain a safe working environment for personnel operating at the scene of large or complex emergency incidents.

    5. If the RIT is deployed for a rescue:
    a. At least one additional mutual aid engine company and one ambulance shall be immediately requested by the Incident Commander.
    b. A replacement RIT shall immediately be assembled.
    c. An RIT Group Leader shall be appointed.

    6. RIT crews shall:
    a. Consist of assigned on-scene personnel or mutual aid units designated and dedicated as the RIT.
    b. Don full protective equipment including SCBA.
    c. Have the following equipment readily accessible: (equipment shall be separate from that available for use by other forces)
    1. Portable radio(s)
    2. Tagline
    3. Halligan Bar and/or other appropriate forcible entry tools
    4. Chainsaw
    5. Access to Hoseline(s)
    6. Handlight(s)
    7. Spare SCBA cylinders
    8. Thermal Imaging Camera (if available)
    9. Other equipment indicated by the situation
    d. Size up the building for potential hazards and points of entry.
    e. Have special tools or equipment readily available as indicated by size-up.
    f. Be familiar with the deployment of units via accountability board and be in as close proximity to the Incident Commander as possible.


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      New Jersey's model program

      The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!


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        I'm curious to know how many depts, have already implemented RIT teams & what the reception was? Also does any department use the RIT members for other duties unitl needed?


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          Great reply on your SOP's. I would like to see what other dept's do as far sop's. Once we get ours in place I will post them also


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