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RIT tools

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    rit tools

    hey guys
    this has to be the best conversation yet! my co. responds fast/rit to three surrounding towns and like the latter rit teams we also found lite with the right equip. is quicker uses less energy from the teams and makes for a safer response.we also use fast team training members to set up our staging area so the team leader can do his size up and regular team members can stage asap with the essential tools to respond.our initial stageff-1 is with a rit pack with scba and mask,strobe light, wire cutters,14" bolt cutters 50'of 3/8 braded rope in a home made bag (budget)ff-2 one cutters edge vent saw 20" ff-3 one water can(2.5 gal)and TL the irons. the rest is staged carried in by reeves stretcher.we stage equipment based on type of structure most guys carry small tools in bunker gear. 4 men 1st team 2 2nd teamwe also utilize fast team trainers for cutting window sills to floors to make doorways(sound the floor area so as not to cut any ff's) to shorten travel time out and ladder 2nd floor windows.if you train as close to the real deal you can narrow down what tools you really need! (use your imagination it saves time and money) and you will get the job done . hope you never have to use it!!!!!
    ps if you get a chance have a ff lay face down at the bottom of a window in full ppe and have 2 men in full ppe pick him up and pass him out the window. good luck
    helping people,
    it's what we do!
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      I am a recent member of the firefighter brotherhood; I have been in EMS for about 20 years now. When I joined my company, I was able to utilize many of the skills I learned over the years. Although I do not have the years of experience, I am part of the RIT team for my department. Many of the tools that we have are the normal tools that are carried on most apparatus.
      -We don’t have a Stokes Stretcher to carry tools and the injured, but we do have a Reeves stretcher that accomplishes the same task.
      -We don’t have a universal SCBA with a manifold, but since our mutual aid communities use the same SCBA as we do, we packaged one of our extra SCBAs in a bag that has a Medium sized mask, a Carabiner, and a strobe.
      -Utility rope is used as the tagline and it is in a backpack.
      -A salvage cover is our staging tarp.

      When we utilize the tagline I just recently came up with a retractable personal tagline. I have three large dogs and we have the retractable leashes. The leash has 20 feet of line that is automatically retracted when I return to the point of origin. In the past I used a piece of 20 foot webbing, but found that I had to gather it up when I was returning to the main line. And it’s small enough to carry in my bunker pants. Now I know it’s not a perfect piece of equipment but has worked pretty good so far.
      Good luck with getting the gear bag set up.
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        thanks for the info, how about.....

        very excellent thread, we are working on improving our F.A.S.T.(always and ongoing, of course), like several of these ideas. Just got edition of EF&P and saw ad for 'The Firemaxx Tool' - anyone have any hands on with this?? Looks interesting, especially like the O ring in case of need for baling out a window, of course we are going to have at least two egress points and will 'never' need to do that..... looks very adaptable and utilitarian, but looks can be decieving. All input aprechiated, appreciated, oh heck thankfully acknowleged.... BE SAFE.
        (should now be CharlieRFD,past,Pres.), but I've had this screen name for so long, I'm keeping it..., besides I'm Deputy Chief now.


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          same basics as everyone else here our RIT packs and SOP consist of.
          1. spare 60 min.bottle with facepiece
          2. 150' search rope with 2 D-rings
          3. small strobe lite
          4. flashlight (spare everyone carries a dept. Issue)
          5. small assortment of tools(cutters, plires, etc)
          6. Spare battery for portable (this is changed every morning)
          7. Team will also assemble other tools such as Axe, TNT, TIC
          8. after assembly of RIT Area (Away from IC and Rehab) we do a 360 of building noting all exits and general layout of structure. Min of 3 personal assigned to RIT (No exceptions)
          A "Good" fire is not measured by how big it is, but by the fact that everyone is going home safe, and that we possibly learned something new about firefighting. Member:IACOJ


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            I see these ads on firehouse for those bags with the bottles and masks. If your company has a firefighter down do u switch masks if its good or switch the bottle. We were taught if the mask is good to just switch the bottle.
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              We have recently updated our SOP to carry a complete SCBA, our surrounding companies have to many variations of SCBA, ( MSA, ISI, Dragger etc.) to try and be compatable. We carry our complete SCBA in our RIT bag with webbing, rope and all the other tools everybody else has mention here. Its good to see everybody has the same general running equipment. We have also put into our SOPS, to carry our BLS bag, O2 and AED.


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                Originally posted by firefighterox
                I see these ads on firehouse for those bags with the bottles and masks. If your company has a firefighter down do u switch masks if its good or switch the bottle. We were taught if the mask is good to just switch the bottle.
                You should only switch the mask if a) the mask is damaged or b) the RIT SCBA is not compatible with the downed firefighter. Those are the only two reasons that I can think of off the top of my head.
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                  Some good info out there. here's a list of what my Ladder company takes. Our normal tool assingment just adding the stokes basket witch has scba and rope bag in it.

                  OFFICER- scba,radio,handlight,thermal camera,officers tool, search rope if comm. bld.

                  CHAUFER-scba,radio,handlight,halligon,maul,6'roof hook, if bucket is not being uses

                  CAN MAN-scba,radio,handlight,water can,6'hook,depending on blg 6'hook for irons man.

                  IRONS MAN-scba,radio,handlight,haligon,axe or maul ,hydroram depending on blg, forcable entry K-12 saw depending on bld

                  ROOFMAN- 2man team each carry scba,radio,handlight,halligon,6'roof hook,portable ladder,roof k-12 saw

                  OVM-2man team each carry scba,radio,handlight,halligon,6'ov hook, maul if needed,search rope,portable ladder

                  stokes basket with extra scba,bag with 150'rope assorted carabeners,pulleys webbing.


                  • #24
                    webbing loop

                    Everyone should carry a six foot loop of tubular webbing. This can be used for many things. You can wrap it around the SCBA harness or a man's chest. Use it with a handcuff knot on hands or feet. A simple loop gives you something to hold or tie on to.


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                      We run four Rescue Engines in our department that function as our RIT teams on all structure fires (prior chiefs were not very ladder/truck friendly only 6 in the city.) We had an opprotunity in a hotel scheduled for demolition to run two full days of evolutions. Prior to that we had all kinds of toys in our RIT bag. After evolution we had to spend time picking up our toys. Afterwards we streamlined the bag itself (cut all the short handles off - only has the shoulder loop left), got rid of all the little stuff and left a pair of wire-cutters (the nice big ones), ten foot piece of webbing with an oversized gated ladder hook attached, and 50 foot of 8mm cord. We found the bag would catch on anything and everything and that searching for one item in the bag in bad conditions was hard with all the crud we had in the bag.
                      In addition we carry a stokes with us with the following: set of irons, 5' pike pole, 150' utility rope bag with oversized gated ladder hook, 8lbs. maul, 15' extension for air hose, hand light, plus some personnel tools other company memembers have added.
                      Any power tools we need is gotten from one of the two on scene ladder companies.
                      It is not alot but seems to work for us.


                      • #26
                        Well, we have made a cart ('borrowing' from another department's idea) consisting of a hand truck (with 4 wheels), a piece of aluminum sign pannel, and various tool mounts. We mount all our hand tools and other thing (wooden wedges and other little items) on it, and leave it pre-set in the truck. When we get out, we just wheel the cart to the staging area and we are set.

                        Then we have our rope bags. We have a 200' length of 3/8" search rope, with indexed knots every 20 feet (indexed meaning 1 knot at 20 feet, 2 knots at 40 feet, etc...) used ONLY for industrial and large area searches. Then we have 200' of 1/2" rope pre rigged for the Nance drill. We have another bag with a 3:1 haul system rigged with extra large carrabeaners for use on a ladder (as a lowering or raising system), or for long distance dragging. With each rope bag is 15' of 1" Tubular webbing, a MAST sling, and 3 extra steal autolocking carabeaners.

                        Then comes the Scott RIT-pack. Ours is set up with a 1 hour bottle, transfill and low pressure regulator in one ready to go setup. In the bag is several things. We have a sawzall (with MANY blades and a spare battery), bolt cutters, duct tape, a mask, a MAST sling, and 3 steal autolocking carabeaners.

                        As you can see, we have a lot of redundancy. The simple reason is that it's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it...

                        My department has done some significant testing (including time without out air) in doing a bottle changeout (without removing the mask or regulator), a regulator changeout, and a whole mask changeout. While the process of the mask changeout is longer, the actual time without air is next to none. We have come to the conclusion on which is better (in our opinion), and have prioritized them as such :
                        1. Mask Changeout (an entire new airsupply)
                        2. Regulator Changeout (when the mask changout is not an option)
                        3. Transfill (When the victims head is not accessable)
                        4. Bottle changeout (when all else fails, as this leaves the victim without air the longest)


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