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    Wondering if anyone could point me toward some good articles, etc. on 2in 2out and RIT and FAST. ANy help is appreciated.


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    Fire Engineering
    July 1997 :"The RIT Officer" Rick Lasky

    December 1998: "AWARE, A Life Saving Plan for Rescuing Trapped Firefighters" Jay B. Olson

    June 1997: "Techniques for Firefighter Rescues" Rick Lasky

    March 1998: "The Firefighter Who Has Fallen through the Floor" Rick Lasky and Ray Hoff

    December 1997: "Moving the Downed Firefighter Up a Stairwell" Rick Lasky and Tom Shervino

    May 1998: "Designing a Firefighter Survival Training Aid" Rick Lasky

    April 1998: "Removing a Downed Firefighter From a Tight Room and Window" Rick Lasky and Sal Marchese

    April 1993: Confined Space Claims Denver Firefighter in a Tragic Building Fire" David McGrail and Jack Rodgers.

    New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control "Firefighter Survival" Workbook.

    These are all that I have in front of me, I would Imagine there are several articles in the 1999 issues but Fire Engineering does the best RIT articles I have read.

    These are a few pics we took at a class that we held in December. Just for the heck of it, I just wanted to see if this attacment process works.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.


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      E-33-----Thanks for the info--nice pictures


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        Wow E33, thanks for the extensive list on RIT, but you seem to have missed one more inportant RIT article;
        Fire Engineering April 1999 "Engine Company Support of RIT/FAST Operations" by Andrew A. Fredericks. 15 pages and chock full of information.
        Anyone who sends me their snail mail address, I will mail a copy out to you.

        -FF Brin, prof trained call firefighter

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          Gentlemen, you have listed many excellent articles. Please allow me to contribute a few that were missed. I think that you will find them all very informative!

          Fire Engineering:
          Approaching a downed firefighter.
          Rick Lasky and Rick Kolomay
          Sept. '97

          The RIT checklist.
          Rick Kolomay and Bob Hoff
          Jan. '98

          Designing a firefighter survival training aid.
          Rick Lasky
          May '98

          RIT rope drag.
          Art Donahue
          Feb. '99

          Search and Rescue Part 1.
          Bill Gustin
          Aug. '98

          Search and Rescue Part 2.
          Bill Gustin
          Sept. '98

          Search and Rescue Part 3.
          Bill Gustin
          Oct. '98

          Two-IN/Two-OUT rule
          Various writers
          Feb. 2000

          RIT: A fireground safety factor.
          Robert W. Cobb
          May '98

          RIT: Are you ready for the search?
          James K. Crawford
          April '99

          I hope that I haven't missed any. Your local library should have these issues of the magazines listed. If not try the local college.
          Reap the benefits of vast amounts of knowledge my brothers. Remember... you can never be prepared enough for this situation.

          Scott Bock
          Munson Fire Department
          Munson, Ohio

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            hehehehehehehe,,,,,ummmmmm ....uhhhh..OK wel to state the obvious... FIRE ENGINEERING?!?!
            All from a competeing mag? Just picking on you...I subscribe there...
            Another article recently from that publication is in the Roundtable section of the February 2000 issue. Two In Two Out Rule. Very informative. Contains an SOP from one of the departments.

            Robert T. Schorr FF/EMT/HMT
            Northpole Fire Co (Watertown,Jefferson Co, NY)


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