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    There's a new book - Firefighter Rescue & Rapid Intervention Teams - available from the FDTN. This is an easy read and a great resource for individuals and departments. The book follows the format and style of FDTN's Firefighter Survival book which came out last year.

    These books make great stocking stuffers!

    For more info go to http://www.fdtraining.com.

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    Don’t advertise here.


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      Why is this advertising a bad thing this book could help to save a life and you were upset at the save a jake post as well....would you like to know if a new product is out there....It wouldnt be a problem if I pot that I read a great book or used a great new tool and said great things about it....Lighten up.
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        Originally posted by jonesy0924
        Why is this advertising a bad thing
        Representatives or associates of manufactuers will not be permitted to post messages that directly promote their products or harm the reputation of another product or manufactuer. All commercial related representatives or associates MUST identify themselves as such within EACH post.
        Firehouse.com Terms of Service

        Originally posted by jonesy0924
        It wouldnt be a problem if I pot that I read a great book or used a great new tool and said great things about it....
        It wouldn't be a problem so long as you do not stand to gain from the promotion or sale of the product in question.

        Having read both this thread and the sav-a-jake thread - I think there is a very fine line between simply spreading the word that you have a new product on the market vs. promoting your product.

        I think one thing that would help to make this distinction is the use of multiple post in the same or several different forums. (In the Web Chat world - this is known as flooding.)

        I have no problem with savajake or fdtraining letting us know about new products, however they should somehow qualify in their post (signature perhaps?) that they ARE a vendor/dealer/etc. And they should limit this posting to a new thread (as in this forum) rather than jumping into open discussions and touting their products (as was done in other forums).

        And for the record - I have no opinion good or bad on the products listed in either of the post in question as I have not used nor seen either of these products.

        I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with any Manufacturer, Dealer, or Representative of any Fire or EMS related equipment. Nor do I stand to benefit in any way from the sale of the afore mentioned equipment.

        Also - any spelling and grammer errors inside a quoted passage are those made by the author of said passage - not me.
        Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless


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          The worst part is that the weblink doesn't even work!

          Lookin good.
          Maybe they are counting Web Hits.


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