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Emergency Lighting

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  • Emergency Lighting

    An assembly occupancy that only runs on generated power when in use. No power to the building otherwise. (Remote Scout camp) Looking for suggestions for emergency lighting. With the normal ones the battery goes dead because of the long time without power between events.


  • #2
    I would say since already running off a generator, use it,

    Plus emergency lights with battery back up.

    Seem like the only time the place should be in use, is when the generator is running.

    So when the gen runs, the batteries are recharged.

    Other than that solar system with battery group, for back up.


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      Highly suggest post the question here:::




      • #4
        Unique problem. Clearly requires discussion with the local AHJ. While the generator will keep the backup batteries charged during use, the life of batteries when the not connected to a power source is limited by the type of battery and the environment where the are located. Heat and cold in particular...similar to what happens with a car battery when the car is not run for a long time. In this case, when the generator is turned off, the emergency lights come on and will drain the battery(ies) until the have no charge. In this state, the batteries may not take a charge the next time the generator is run, and even if they do, they wouldn't be in the fully charged state, necessary to meet the 90 minutes standby, for hours. The good news is that with LED lighting, the batteries required have become a lot smaller. Although it requires some work, bringing enough fully charged batteries with you and installing them before the event.

        As a longtime scouter, this issue could be resolved if the local AHJ was able to accept a requirement that the Scouts carry their flashlights with them (which they already do to navigate from their camps to the assembly hall at night).
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        • #5
          Could you use photoluminescent or radioluminescent exit signs?


          • #6
            I am presuming this is a fixed structure, such as a log cabin of sorts that is enclosed or semi-enclosed.

            If the AHJ requires you to have emergency lights, and you can't find any middle ground. Perhaps consider an emergency light setup with a central battery, so you only need to replace one or two big batteries, instead of a bunch of independent heads with their own batteries.


            • #7
              You have captured the issue very well. Not only scouts using the place. Also, I work for the AHJ I have approved the photoluminescent exit signs. I will keep working with them for a solution. I have a couple of things in mind. Will let you know what we approve. Thanks


              • #8
                This is one large open space with a kitchen on one end. We approved photoluminescent door frame markings in addition to the Exit signage. The markings to be a minimum 1" wide.


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