Like last year, I'm sharing some info on behalf of, Bob Furman, Fire Protection Specialist for New York State Office of Fire Prevention & Control.

Each year NYS OFPC partners with New York State Assn of Fire Chiefs and we have Fire and Life Safety Educators from around the east coast and Canada come to the NYS Fire Academy to learn how to start up a Fire and Life Safety Program or get new information on how to enhance an existing program. This year?s theme is ?Prevention is the Key to Fire and Life Safety?. We have presenters that will give information on how to start up a program, how to enhance a program, where and how to get funding, and where to get materials and ideas for handouts. Speakers come from all over the US and Canada. After conference activities are planned each night and this is also a great time for networking between attendees to get ideas on what works and what may not.

Every year the NYSAFC picks a Fire Department that has a proven program for the James Wright Award. That fire department will present their program the next year at the Conference. This year, Whitehall VFD, from Washington County will present their program.

We are hoping to expand our conference and get more people spreading the word on fire prevention and life safety. The sad facts are that there are over 50,000 residential fires reported in NYS every year and countless ones that aren?t. From those fire there are over 110 civilian deaths and almost 1100 civilian injuries. Unfortunately these numbers are not decreasing at a very fast rate and the best way to get them to decrease is from fire prevention training.

I am hoping that you look at the programs in your county that might play a vital role in the prevention of fires and injuries. Some of the programs are Meals on Wheels, Visiting Nurses, Social Services Case Workers, etc. These people are visiting many houses every day of people that are home bound, elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to check things like smoke or CO detectors. They could assist these people in testing them or finding out if they even have them. They could hand out information like the Home Fire Safety Checklist, or give information to the people on fire departments or organizations (American Red Cross) that give out and install smoke and CO detectors.

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Robert Furman
Fire Protection Specialist

NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
1220 Washington Avenue, Building 7A, 2nd Floor, Albany, NY 12242
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NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Robert Furman, Fire Protection Specialist
1220 Washington Avenue, Building 7A, 2nd Floor, Albany, NY 12242
(518) 474--6746
[email protected]