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Does your department provide non-traditional community support?

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  • Does your department provide non-traditional community support?

    The Frisco, Texas, Fire Department is providing severe weather education for their community. Obviously severe storms are a danger to Texans. A non-traditional program to address a community need and taking a lead. After visiting their website it is obvious this department is providing a valued services and integrated in their community!

    Check them out and see what they do: http://www.friscotexas.gov/308/Fire

    Texas Firefighters Teach Severe Weather Preparedness

    Other programs they provide!

    Birthday Parties
    You serve the cake and ice cream and the Frisco Fire Department will serve the fun!

    Citizen's Fire Academy Classes
    Get an insider's look at the Frisco Fire Department with these citizen classes.

    Community Emergency Response Team
    Learn how to become a helping citizen of the Frisco Fire Department.

    CPR / AED Awareness Classes (PDF)
    Firefighter/Paramedic Visits

    Get to know your local firefighters with a scheduled visit.

    Fire Prevention Month
    View how the month of October is celebrated as Fire Prevention Month.

    Station Tours
    Take a look at the various fire stations in town.

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    Originally posted by fire5555
    all the above except severe weather and birthday party

    Our cfa'ers help us in the community also.

    fire prevention and extinguisher training to anyone that wants it

    install smoke alarms and house checks on request

    Different community events

    Members on house rehab committee and dept helps on rehab days

    Frisco just a little higher class city, so high class Jerry Jones moved his office there!
    Awesome brother!!! I was surprised they are a moderate sized department I thought they'd be larger with all they are doing. Could you explain the rehab committee? Sounds interesting.


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      Originally posted by fire5555
      It started small with the city partnering with a large church.

      Houses were picked that needed some yard clean up, house painting, fence work, whatever, no major work.

      It has expanded to include three neigboring cities, churches, and businesses, and skilled people.

      They normally do two rehab dates a year, involing friday and saturday. The amount of work on houses has also expanded to like redoing showers, etc.

      The first church had a spin off group that does different things year round, plus help organize the rehab days.


      Good deal. We did a similar program.

      The first we teamed up with a church that was going into low income neighborhoods. They would have a cookout, music, games, etc., and we would have our safety house and get a list of people who would like their smoke detectors checked or new ones installed. Then once in the house we would make safety recommendations. Also helped because we got to know these folks and they got to know us, which was a huge benefit when responding to these neighborhoods at 2am in the dark. Our people, apparatus, equipment, were never bothered, and in fact there were situations where that personal relationship deescalated a situation.

      On the second our city got with neighborhood groups, churches, and other community groups, to clean up the neighborhoods. If people were elderly, sick, etc we would help clean their yards, home maintenance, etc. The fire department was their for smoke detectors, safety inspections, fire extinguishers, addressing, etc. PD did a home security check, etc.

      Both great programs that put us where we needed to be and speaking with "target" audiences. In seven years we had an over 60% reduction in fires with no fatalities. These programs really brought the community together and the fire department was one of the core agencies which helps at budget time and public support.

      Programs like these take time and resources, but the payoff is often 10 fold. Glad to see you all are doing great things. Thank you!


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